chAugust in the city, is only good if you have already taken at least a short break to the beach. It is also good if you discover places that make you forget you are in the city.

I think Chilai does this, despite being just steps away from the Tsimiski buzz. It opened last May and was a sure hit. It literally transformed the quiet till then street of Agiou Mina, into an island alley.

It is a nice place for a cool coffee during the day but also great choice for long cocktail nights ! It also has a very elegant interior so I am sure it will be a winter hit as well !

Where : Agiou Mina 4



Although I am not much of a tattoo person myself, I know many of you are and Tattooligans might be one of the reasons you visit Thessaloniki.

“Tattooligans Tattoo Studio” was founded in 1999. Its initial name was “Magic Needles” which remained until 2004, when it was finally changed to “Tattooligans”.
In the last 5 years, the “Tattooligans” have been traveling around the world and participating in the biggest and most important Tattoo conventions and contests. They have won over 80 international awards, among the most ” powerful ” and recognized artists of the Tattooing world scene.

gmEach artist of “Tattooligans” draws specific designs, and each one of them “hits” only those designs that belong to his specific kind.
These are the Design Categories of each artist:
George Mavridis: Realistic
Agios: Realistic, Japanese, Fonts, Cover up
Bogatinis: Fonts, Tribals, Maori
Nast2: New Traditional, New School, Realistic
Dovas: New Traditional, Old School & New School
Peros: Fonts, New School

The owner, George Mavridis has become widely known to non-tattoo fanatics as well thanks to the adventurous tv show “World Party”. The local community really loves him for his authentic character and his love for animals, especially his (also famous) dog, Molly.

The studio recently moved to this new address on the hip Valaoritou area, where you can also go to just have a drink or coffee at the cafe in the ground floor.

The info on the studio + artists was taken from their Facebook page.

Where : Siggrou 9

The Dubliner


This place describes itself as the only 100% Genuine Irish Bar and Restaurant in Thessaloniki and it is actually true !

It is owned by Irish people, and the style and feeling is totally Irish. Ok, I’ve never been to Ireland but it reminds me a lot of a classic English pub so I am sure it is pretty close to the real thing. I also have the impression, correct me if I am wrong, that Irish people have a similar mentality to greek people so this is a combination destined to succeed.

I know that many international groups such as meetup and Internations select it for their events as it is quite spacious and also in a very central location in Ladadika.

It is also conveniently located very close to my office, so it is ideal for a midday sun break or an after work beer for me!

It will be nice to visit for St. Patrick’s this month !

Where : Katouni 16-18, Ladadika


γ“YASEMI” means Jasmine and this is a place made in heaven.  So small and so cute, it feels like home.

Everything is handmade including some of the homemade liqueurs. The food menu is limited but everything is cooked with love and care.

It is literally hidden in a small street very close to the White Tower and few steps away from buzzing Tsimiski street, so if you are in the area I suggest you take a relaxing break there.

Where : Tsopela 4


tomsYour probably already know Toms shoes, but maybe you do not know that Thessaloniki has one of the first Toms coffee spots that opened last April. The location is fantastic very central and yet a bit off the crowds and also close enough for me to enjoy a quick coffee break.

You can easily walk right in front of it and miss it as you need to walk through an old door in Tsimiski to get inside this cool indoor yard type of place. The style is urban Berlin style, very relaxed and offers great coffee. Shopping shoes and bags is optional !

Where : Tsimiski 22


ovOctober offers us the last days of summer living, sitting outside and enjoying sunshine. As you probably know if you have spent more than a week in Thessaloniki, the waterfront or Paralia offers a lot of options for coffee & drinks.

However what happens if you get there around noon or later on a weekend ? Or if you are a group of 4+ ? You will have a hard time to find a place to sit because everyone has the same idea as you. Coffee places in the waterfront are easier to enjoy on a weekday. But there is a nice alternative in front of the White Tower and it is called Oval.

It is not a place for the young and trendy, but it is a place where you can relax during all seasons and times. It offers great view of the White Tower and the little park just in front of you and has excellent quality drinks & food. It also holds great live music nights on the winer weekends so it is a great idea for winter also !

Where : Filikis Etaireias 1

Aigli Geni Hamam

aig.jpgThis is the #1 destination for anyone who is stuck in the city or just returned from vacations and want to feel like they did not. If you are in town for a few days only this is a must visit as it combines the historical visit with a relaxed drink or dinner.

This is a 16th century building that was originally build as a Hamam during the Otoman era. It later became an open air cinema, then a place for cultural events and after that remained closed for several years.

It is now more beautiful than ever, functioning as a relaxed coffee bar restaurant.  It is located just behind the church of Saint Demetrios so you can go for a coffee right after your visit to the church. As dusk falls, the place completely transforms to an exotic back yard with the big screen showing chill out videos transferring your mind to far away places !

Where :  Ag. Nikolaou & Kassandrou


παραδοThis is a place for great local street food and more, in various locations.  It started in the village of Panorama over 20 years ago as a relaxed coffee place. It quickly became a hit destination for all ages mainly because it offered the chance to have good quality coffee and eat something for breakfast or dessert. A few years later it opened a few more shops with the one in Aristotelous square being the most central and famous one.

If you need a nice breakfast to start the day or if you are wandering in the city and want to eat sth fast this is one of the best options. Everything is top quality and you can have big variety from super healthy salads to pizza made on the spot and delicious desserts.

There is minimal place to sit and mainly outside so this is suggested mainly as a to go option. There is another one in Kouskoura Street with a bigger sitting area if you prefer.

Where : Aristotelous & Tsimiski, + more



hozevaYou will be really glad to find this place very close to the city market.  It just opened in a renovated old building. It is very small but with 3 seating levels + outside if weather permits, you will find your place for some tsipouro + meze or greek coffee made the traditional way.

It is named after an orthodox monastery in the island of Amorgos a favourite destination of the owners Alex and Maria.

Where: Spandoni 5, Kapani


So, August is here, and so am I, still in the city…

This is the first time in my life that I see the city this full in the month of August. There are so many people that do not go on vacations any more, but also so much more visitors !

The usual picture of the empty streets and shops in August, does not exist anymore…

I spent most of my day in the area of the port, in ladadika which is always lively because of tourists, especially the days that cruise ships arrive.

Today I will share a place for coffee, breakfast, quick lunch, healthy snacks and sweet pastries. It is albeta, with many locations throughout the city, but the main one is right next to my office in ladadika.

alAt albeta you will find greek and Italian recipes, produced with artistry from fresh and pure countryside products mixed with the finest Greek/Italian culture.  Traditional pies, daily baked bread, handmade Italian pastry, grandma’s cookies, fresh sweets, homemade lemonade and sour cherry juice, fresh cut coffee.

This is my #1 spot for a quick coffee or lunch break all year long.  If you also need a quick break and something nice to eat, I highly recommend it !


9, Ionos Dragoumi & 10, Mitropoleos str.