Eli David Interview

eliWho is Eli David and why did I interview him ?
Eli David is a digital nomad, travelling all over the world over the last 4 years.
Last year, he visited Thessaloniki for the first time and now, one year after, 2 business lectures brought him back in the city.
The interview took place at Elia Lemoni during his last lunch before leaving the city.
Let’s hear what he has to say, not as a local, but as a returning visitor.

1. Why did you choose Thessaloniki as a destination in your first visit ?

I started my trip to Greece in Athens, I was there one month and a half. I don’t like big cities so much, so when I heard that there was co-working place, I can actually settle down in Thessaloniki, and there is startup community and everything, I decided to come. Usually, I prefer the second biggest city in the country and not the biggest one, so it was like a natural choice.

2. Which are your most favourite city parts ?

I like Nikis avenue,  to walk there, Ano Poli, to walk there also and Peraia to go swimming.

3. Do you see any differences in the city after 1 year ?

Yes, i think it is moving forward. I see the cinema in the port and the new park area by the sea which is great to walk.  When i was here last year it was under construction.  And the boat to Peraia,  which is great.
I think the city looks more alive.

4. Tell us 3 things you love and 3 things you hate about Thessaloniki. 

I like to walk by the sea.  What i don’t like it is that i can’t swim. For me it is crazy that I can’t swim… This is the first city that I see in my life that I can’t swim inside the city.
I also like the villages close by and I like the open air cinema.
I think the city needs more green and parks.

5. Give us your top 3 things for a visitor to see and do.

The boat from the port to Peraia.
White tower is nice.
Ano poli – just go and walk, enjoy the view.  There is a nice coffee shop with really good view.

6. What makes this city special ?

Good atmosphere. It is not that big, but it has everything. The sea is great, that it’s touching the city. You can feel the historical vibes here. I think it helped me to read a book about Saloniki, to understand what’s going on here. You can feel that it is a special city. That it was important and lot’s of things happened here.

7. If you could change something in this city to make it better what would it be ?

To be able to swim inside the city and more trees !
Ok, we will transfer your requests to the Mayor.
Thank you very much !
You can find out more about Eli and his nomadic lifestyle in his blog. This is also an article about Thessaloniki that he published in Vima. If you want to invite him for a lecture check here.  If you want to learn greek you can take classes in his online school Lingolearn, and if you have a startup, map it on Startupblink to gain traction and find new ways to grow.
And No he did not pay me for all this publicity, he just bought me lunch !!

Meet a Local – Harry Giannakis

The local we are meeting today is Harry Giannakis a resident of Kastoria, a global citizen, and most of all a Thessaloniki lover.  He is a Co-Owner of ”Giannnaki Furs of  Kastoria” and you can find him on Facebook and Twitter.

How much of a local are you ?

I was born in Thessaloniki, raised in Kastoria and then lived for 4 years in Thessaloniki as a student in ACT. I currently live mostly in Kastoria except from the periods I travel abroad for work, but I always consider Thessaloniki as my  city!

Name the three things you love about this city.

1. The sea view while enjoying a coffee or lunch at the sea side cafes/restaurants at  Nikis Av.
2. That in every corner you come across with the rich history of the city, roman,byzantine, ottoman.
2. The people

Name the three things you hate about this city.

1. The metro construction work and the chaos it results.
2. The lack of parking spaces.
3. The awfull  smell in the harbour!

Give us your top things for a visitor to do in Thessaloniki

harry g1. Visit The White Tower.
2. Window shopping in Tsimiski , Ag. Sophia and Mitropoleos St.
3. Enjoy eating a fresh koulouri from the street karotsi  in Tsimiski St. or a tsoureki from Terkenlis stuffed with hazelnut cream in  a Saturday morning while seating on a bench in Aristotelous Sq. .
4. Enjoying lunch or dinner with a view at Kitchen Bar, or Agioli.
5. Thessaloniki by night in the numerous bars by Nikis Av.

Where do we find you right now ?

In Kastoria, inspecting the new Winter 2013/14 Giannaki Furs  Collection just before it hits the shops.

Where would you rather be and do ?

Lay down under the sun in a tropical  beach Goa is fine:-)


Thank you Harris ! We wish you go soon to the tropical Goa beach where Furs are not needed ! !

Meet A Local – Elisavet P.

The local we are meeting today is Elisavet P. a former account assistant and now a blogger.

You can check out her blog, and follow her on twitter !

Let’s see what she has to suggest !

How much of a local are you ?

I was born , raised and live here. Truly , I couldn’t be more local !

Name the three things you love about this city.

1. The fact that in a million people you often see familiar faces at the city center.

2. The clear, colourful sky, after a windy day.

3. The city’s “taste” history and present.

Name the three things you hate about this city.

1. The traffic, due to construction works

2. Pollution, pollution, pollution!

3. That sometimes I thing we deserve the ironic title “frapedoupoli” (city of the people who drink cold, instant coffee)

Give us your top things for a visitor to do in Thessaloniki

IMG_20131018_2018111. Stroll by the seafront

2. Dring  “ouzo” with “meze” inside Modiano market.

3. Have a coffee at the area of Ano Poli near the old Byzantine walls.

4. Visit the White Tower. All there is about Thessaloniki’s  long history you will find it there.

5. For sports funs: attend a football match at P.A.O.K ‘s “Toumba Stadium”. The atmosphere is great! Of course, I am a fan so…

Where do we find you right now ?  Where would you rather be and do ?

Still here in Thessaloniki.

Nowhere else I’d rather be provided I find a job. If that doesn’t happen, who knows?

Meet A Local – Christina Dimitriadou

Local ChristinaStarting today, LoveThessaloniki.com will introduce you to some local people of the city, who will share with you their most as well as their least favourite things about Thessaloniki, and give you their personal suggestions of things to see and do while you are in town.

Meet a local presents to you our first guest, Christina Dimitriadou.  Christina works in Trade and Public Relations, she was born and raised in Thessaloniki, but lives in Athens for the last 6 years.

How much of a local are you ?

Quite a lot. It depends on the mood.

Do you currently live in Thessaloniki ?

I live mostly in Athens,  I ‘ve been gone for almost 6 years, but I try to spend as much time as I can between the two cities.

Name the three things you love about this city.

1.Walking by the seafront.

2. The people.

3. The city’s downtown centre.

Name the three things you hate about this city.

1.  The fact that the city’s downtown draws all the attention in terms of renovated streets, sidewalks etc, and all the remaining neighborhoods remain the same, with an evident decay.

2. The subway works in progress.

3. Egnatia street in general.

Give us your top things for a visitor to do in Thessaloniki

1. Walk by the seafront, visit the white tower, have coffee in Café Nikis 35 and lunch at Kitchen bar, all in once.

2. Go to Chalkidiki which is so close by.

3. Visit the ancient market, and have a stroll in the local area.

4. Have a sunset drink at the rooftop of Electra Palace Hotel in Aristotelous square.

5. Visit Vergina, which is also close by.

6. Visit Gerovasiliou winery for wine tasting which is located outside Thessaloniki, in Epanomi.

Where do we find you right now ?

In Thessaloniki.

What are you doing ?

Working long hours in two jobs for the next two months.

Where would you rather be and do ?

New York City. I missed the big apple’s vibe.  Its been ages !

Thank you Christina ! We were hoping to get your favourite Thessaloniki city spot in the last question but obviously you are in a travel mood !