Urban Picnic Festical 2014

Urban Picnic 2013It is time again for our beloved Urban Picnic. It is the last weekend of August, those who were out of the city are back, and all we want to do is enjoy the last summer nights outside. The gates of the Roman Forum are ready to open wide again to welcome the greatest Urban Picnic with great Music and films.

Urban Picnic is here for the 3rd year and here is last year’s post about it. 

It runs for 3 nights starting today, The festival’s plan entails the creation of a great urban picnic which will be flanked, on the one hand, by concerts with  promising music ensembles from around the city and, on the other, by films, feature and short ones, shown at the specially designed open-air movie theatre.

Urban picnic 2013As you can see in the photo, my friends take the picnic idea seriously and we prepare a small feast. So, let’s start packing our picnic basket and go !  Thursday, Friday, Saturday – Don’t miss it !

The detailed program can be found here. 


360 Taratsa Film Festival


Whether you are visiting Thessaloniki for a few days, or are a long term visitor, if you are in town this week, this is an event not to be missed – an open air rooftop film festival !

An alternative international Film Festival is going to be hosted in Thessaloniki from 20th to 24th of August.

Four terraces will be turned into summer cinemas. In the three of these, carefully selected classic films will be projected and the one will host the “360° Taratsa film festival”, short film contest.

The “360° Taratsa film Festival” is conducted by the Cultural Organization “Epi Skopon” as part of the activities which accompany the “European Youth Capital 2014“.


Cyan terrace | Wonderwall – Aigiptou 16A, Thessaloniki

Magenta terrace | Palio Xamam – Mitropolitou Gennadiou 11, Thessaloniki

Yellow terrace | Fragile – Valaoritou 29, Thessaloniki

Black terrace | Ebeth – Tsimiski 29, Thessaloniki

Conception and Art Direction – Athanasios Alexopoulos

Head of Festival Organization – Despoina Kavuri

Head Manager of Summer Cinema – Sophia Topi

Head of Communication and Information – Natalia Tsoulou

Head Scenography – Marialena Xrisogonidou and George Stogiannis

More info + program 


So, August is here, and so am I, still in the city…

This is the first time in my life that I see the city this full in the month of August. There are so many people that do not go on vacations any more, but also so much more visitors !

The usual picture of the empty streets and shops in August, does not exist anymore…

I spent most of my day in the area of the port, in ladadika which is always lively because of tourists, especially the days that cruise ships arrive.

Today I will share a place for coffee, breakfast, quick lunch, healthy snacks and sweet pastries. It is albeta, with many locations throughout the city, but the main one is right next to my office in ladadika.

alAt albeta you will find greek and Italian recipes, produced with artistry from fresh and pure countryside products mixed with the finest Greek/Italian culture.  Traditional pies, daily baked bread, handmade Italian pastry, grandma’s cookies, fresh sweets, homemade lemonade and sour cherry juice, fresh cut coffee.

This is my #1 spot for a quick coffee or lunch break all year long.  If you also need a quick break and something nice to eat, I highly recommend it !


9, Ionos Dragoumi & 10, Mitropoleos str.