New Website for City Info

I was very excited to learn about a new website for our city! It looks like we start making progress on making our city accessible to travelers and tourists.

The site looks great and although all pages are not fully functional yet I will keep an eye as it looks very promising !

I urge you to start with some basic info here about the city today as well as some info on our city’s rich history here.

Thessaloniki has many stories to tell, starting by the moment of its foundation in 316/315 B.C. 

Have a look at the new website and continue exploring our city.

YiaSsena Art

Do you know what is the star sign of Mickey & Minnie Mouse and probably the secret of their passionate love story ? I recently discovered thanks to one of my oldest friends who is among other things a self-taught artist.  She recently decided to use her talent in drawing to explore areas such as astrological sings, alphabet letters, cartoons and a combination of those.  Her talent is amazing and is received with great enthusiasm form all over the world. She likes to personalise her drawings using a combination of letters and star signs, so if you look closely at her work, you will discover a story behind each artwork.

I strongly suggest you follow on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter


Mickey & Minnie Mouse in love (their star sign is Scorpio)

New Online Eco Shop


I’ve been pretty busy lately and neglecting the blog due to this new project. Skg Eco Shop is the first exclusively Eco Online B2B shop.  The shop is addressed to hotels, restaurants, catering businesses ( all over Greece, providing with exclusively Eco and Biodegradable solutions on disposable catering items such as plates, cups, cutlery, bags and more. Have a look and feel free to suggest the shop to anyone you think might be interested.


unnamed-6New seafood restaurant in town, and it is called Marea ! My friends and I visited it last month during the cold weather to prepare ourselves mentally for summer.

It is owned by the team of Glykanissos, a well known restaurant for its top quality, so we had high expectations for this one ! Marea managed to exceed our expectations as the food and service were simply excellent.

You will find a big selection of fish as well as risotto, linguini with shrimps, gnocchi with crawfish and many excellent starters, as well as a massive wine list.

I saved the best for last, the dessert ! As a chocolate lover myself, the chocolate soufflé is a reason on its own for me to get back ! I have a video also but some people hated me after posting it so I ‘ll just share the photo with you !

Where : Lori Margariti 13

Coldest January ever !

January 2017 will stay in the history of Thessaloniki as the coldest month in the last 50 years ! Yes that is true, we had continuous temperature below 0 for a whole week ! I do not have a memory of this happening ever again, and the snowfall in the city last week was phenomenal !

For those of you who think Thessaloniki is always sunny and warm, keep this image in mind if you are visiting in the winter.

unnamed-5The morning of January 11, found the city centre totally unprepared, deserted, but beautifully dressed in white. Enjoy !

The Caravan Bed & Breakfast

During last month’s Open House I had the joy to visit the beautiful new addition to Thessaloniki’s accommodation options – Caravan B8B.

I had heard about it during last year’s Open House, but did not have time to visit it, so this year it went on my list, and I was not disappointed ! First of all, the owners offered on of the best tours in Open House. It was broken down in parts and was equally fun and informative.



The renovated neoclassical building located in 1 Rempelou street was built in 1929 and originally it was used as a small “seragio”. The seragios was inns that hosted travelers. It was subsequently used as a residence for is owners. In 1998 with the decision of the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace the building was designated as a listed property. Later in 2001 it was leased and restored by the National Bank. When the National Bank left the building a team of young people joined forces to lease the building and make their dream a reality.

The caravan is a trip over time. A mix of contemporary and old elements. Furniture from George’s friends, Harry’s grandmother,Alexander’s aunt,  were repaired and placed in the space.

Everything has its own history. But the people is the most important element. The Caravan is a travellers inn, a modern bed and breakfast in the heart of the city centre. A Caravan with a hat that wants to be open to the residents of the city and is trying to blend travellers with locals, visitors with neighbours, friends with strangers.

Online Bookings

Where : Rebelou 1 (very close to Egnatia & I.Dragoumi )

Kapani market

the-kapani-vlali-marketKapani market is one of the most traditional markets of Thessaloniki, since the Ottoman occupation. It is a pedestrian area located between the streets of Egnatia, Aristotelous, Ermou and Venizelou. Some of the streets are covered and some are open. It is still very lively today as it has been all these years.

The great variety of products, such as meat, fish, spices, travel equipment, kitchen utensils, clothing, shoes, ecclesiastical and touristic items and more, as well as the low prices and the location in the city’s centre, make Kapani a very popular destination all day long.

It is an essential visit if you are interested in the city’s gastronomic history and evolution since it transfers you to a different era.

Do not forget to stop for a traditional greek coffee in Hozeva while you are there.



As we prepare to say goodbye to summer, we try to enjoy the last summer nights as much as possible.

A friend was visiting from London for the weekend and we wanted to eat somewhere old style + trendy ! What a combination is this, you are probably wondering, does it even exist ?

Yes it does exist, in Kourbeti, a cool new tavern in Ladadika. It opened exactly one year ago, I know because I was there, and we had a lot of fun! The food is typical greek with a twist. I particularly love their fried potatoes and smashed cheese (chtypiti), but everything else I tried was also delicious!

The environment is very relaxed and super friendly. If you go at night I suggest you go before 9 otherwise it might be difficult to find a table as it is quite small !

Where : Vaiou & Lycourgou

Warehouse 7


As Summer is coming to an end we look at September as a good time for setting new goals. Some fitness goals maybe ? If yes then it is time for me to introduce you to my gym, Warehouse 7.

It is located inside the port, in an old warehouse, a huge old industrial space. Personally I love the location since it is very close to my office and also the big space and variety of programs offered. During the spring / summer months we often have sessions outdoors.

Check out the amazing Yoga video from last June on the following link.

Outdoor #Yoga, μια διαφορετική εμπειρία άσκησης από το #WH7.


chAugust in the city, is only good if you have already taken at least a short break to the beach. It is also good if you discover places that make you forget you are in the city.

I think Chilai does this, despite being just steps away from the Tsimiski buzz. It opened last May and was a sure hit. It literally transformed the quiet till then street of Agiou Mina, into an island alley.

It is a nice place for a cool coffee during the day but also great choice for long cocktail nights ! It also has a very elegant interior so I am sure it will be a winter hit as well !

Where : Agiou Mina 4