Nautical Club of Thessaloniki

IMG_3825.JPGOne year ago I decided to go after one of my long time dreams in life. Become a sailor ! I joined Nautical Club of Thessaloniki together with a friend, and took the spring summer sailing course.

I cannot describe what an amazing experience this has been. One day of sailing every weekend and also two 24hour classes towards the end. Learning to sail is not that difficult, but not that easy either.

However, living in a country surrounded by sea, I think sailing should be a school activity. It is really a shame we only enjoy our city from the land, while it is also so beautiful, if not more, as we look at it from the sea.

The club has 3 sessions of classes, spring, summer and fall, and also organises 3 annual trips for members and not. I just joined for the first time the easter trip to the Ionian sea and it was an amazing experience.

I do not know if they offer classes in english, but I guess if a group of non-greek speakers show up they can form a class. Groups are 6-8 people so I encourage you to check their webpage or drop by to check in person. This is a suggestion for long term visitors of the city only.

Where : Themistokli Sofouli 112





serSpring & sunny weekends are here, so it’s time for me to suggest my favourite tavern by the sea. The name is quite strange as the place itself. “The waitress vanishes behind the curtain” in short “Waitress” in greek “Servitora”. You got confused ? No need.  All you need to know is how to get there. You take the road to the airport and then continue to N.Epivates. Go right from the main road and when you get to the sea just walk a bit or ask around for the place. It is best to go by car, but a bus will also take you there eventually… Starting next month the boats from the Port to Peraia will probably also stop there so you can combine a swim with some great food & drink.

The food is really fresh and delicious, and the prices are very good. The earlier you get there the better chances for a nice table in front of the sea. Enjoy !

Where : Kountouriotou, N. Epivates