How to get here


You can reach the city by air, sea, rail, or road !

Sea means a cruise ship, trains are currently for domestic travel only, so if you are coming from abroad you can basically arrive by plane or car. With the prices of gas rising continuously, plane is now the cheapest form or travel.  (There are also people who can arrive by bicycle but these are rare cases !)

Thessaloniki currently enjoys direct flight connections with the following cities.

Austria : Vienna

Belgium : Brussels

Czech Republic : Prague

France : Paris

Germany : All the main cities

Hungary : Budapest

Israel : Tel Aviv

Italy : Rome, Milan, Bergamo, Bologna

Norway : Oslo

Romania : Bucharest

Russia : Moscow, St. Petersburg

Spain : Barcelona ( Girona )

Switzerland : Bassel

Sweden : Stockholm

Serbia : Belgrade

Turkey : Istanbul

Ukraine : Kiev

UK : London, Manchester

These are the direct flights to Thessaloniki as they currently appear on  Airline schedules change often, so check with your favourite travel website for latest schedules and best price offers.