Events Calendar

SONY DSCThessaloniki is a city full of events of every kind. We have long tradition in the arts, especially film and music. You will find many great events throughout the year so you have to keep notes and check the events calendar before you visit !

There is a well informed website that offers detailed information on all the events in the city in english !  Have a look at I Poli Ston Kosmo before and during your visit for the most updated information on what is happening during your stay.  You will find detailed information on all concerts, performances, cinema and theatre listings, as well as all other current events in the city.

There are great annual events that make our city shine all over the globe !  We have two international film festivals, commercial fairs and cultural events.  These events put the city in the spotlight for a few days each year.  Although the road traffic gets heavier during these times, and we the locals complain, we also enjoy the international atmosphere and get the chance to engage into multi cultural activities.

You will find here the links to these events for each calendar month and during the year you will find detailed posts and up-to-date info for each one.




Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 



Thessaloniki International Book Fair





Thessaloniki International Fair

Action Field Kodra

Reworks International Music Festival



Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art

Thessaloniki Short Film Festival


International Film Festival 

Thessaloniki Food Festival


Unfortunately not all of the links are in english or regularly updated…