YiaSsena Art

Do you know what is the star sign of Mickey & Minnie Mouse and probably the secret of their passionate love story ? I recently discovered thanks to one of my oldest friends who is among other things a self-taught artist.  She recently decided to use her talent in drawing to explore areas such as astrological sings, alphabet letters, cartoons and a combination of those.  Her talent is amazing and is received with great enthusiasm form all over the world. She likes to personalise her drawings using a combination of letters and star signs, so if you look closely at her work, you will discover a story behind each artwork.

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Mickey & Minnie Mouse in love (their star sign is Scorpio)


New Online Eco Shop


I’ve been pretty busy lately and neglecting the blog due to this new project. Skg Eco Shop is the first exclusively Eco Online B2B shop.  The shop is addressed to hotels, restaurants, catering businesses (ho.re.ca) all over Greece, providing with exclusively Eco and Biodegradable solutions on disposable catering items such as plates, cups, cutlery, bags and more. Have a look and feel free to suggest the shop to anyone you think might be interested.