Coq au Zen

I was really troubled if I should write about this place in the blog, because it is my # 1 favourite winter place for the last 3 years and is already quite crowded.

I finally decided that a) it is not fair to keep secrets, b) who reads this blog anyway, c) the universe will give back to me someday, so here it is, the one and only, Coq au Zen !

Coq au ZenWhat I most love about this place is the unique atmosphere. It is located in a small old shopping arcade, so in the daytime you will also see small shops open next to it. As night time approaches, the arcade is transformed to an atmospheric bar and you forget you are in Thessaloniki.

Coq au Zen has good quality drinks and menu, an interesting selection of wines, and is also a good option for a lunch break or early dinner. After 22.00 it gets really crowded, except from the summer days where people prefer more outdoor settings.

The music is also very eclectic and quite different night after night, depending on the dj.

Don’t be surprised if you hear a live piano set, there is one at the back and not only for decoration !

Coq Au Zen
Valaoritou 37

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Sugar Angel workshop & coffee

This is by far the sweetest coffee shop in town! Let me start by saying that if you manage to come to this place only for coffee and not eat anything, congratulations ! You have strong willpower !

Sugar AngelI have actually been here only for coffee or tea twice, so I am really proud of myself. All the other times since it opened, a few months ago, I have tried everything with chocolate, and also the apple pie and the famous red velvet cake !

What I love most about the desserts here is that they are not heavy at all, they have high quality ingredients and delicate taste.

Something funny you will notice when you sit on one of the few tables is that all the people usually eat the same cake. It is no surprise since one sees something delicious on the table next to them and cannot resist but to try.

Sugar Angel cakeApart from coffee and desserts, you will find cakes to order in any style you can imagine, so this place is a must for children birthday cakes as well !

Sugar Angel is open during shopping hours and closed on Sundays. Keep also in mind that there are not many tables so it is not certain you will find a place to sit. Luckily you can take all the sweets to go as well ! In fact, if you take any of the sweets to go and you get a wooden spoon or fork you should know that they are natural biodegradable tableware from naturesse !

Sugar Angel workshop & coffee
Dessert Shop and Cupcake Shop
Lassani 1 (Proxenou Koromila)

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