Kapani market

the-kapani-vlali-marketKapani market is one of the most traditional markets of Thessaloniki, since the Ottoman occupation. It is a pedestrian area located between the streets of Egnatia, Aristotelous, Ermou and Venizelou. Some of the streets are covered and some are open. It is still very lively today as it has been all these years.

The great variety of products, such as meat, fish, spices, travel equipment, kitchen utensils, clothing, shoes, ecclesiastical and touristic items and more, as well as the low prices and the location in the city’s centre, make Kapani a very popular destination all day long.

It is an essential visit if you are interested in the city’s gastronomic history and evolution since it transfers you to a different era.

Do not forget to stop for a traditional greek coffee in Hozeva while you are there.



Warehouse 7


As Summer is coming to an end we look at September as a good time for setting new goals. Some fitness goals maybe ? If yes then it is time for me to introduce you to my gym, Warehouse 7.

It is located inside the port, in an old warehouse, a huge old industrial space. Personally I love the location since it is very close to my office and also the big space and variety of programs offered. During the spring / summer months we often have sessions outdoors.

Check out the amazing Yoga video from last June on the following link.

Outdoor #Yoga, μια διαφορετική εμπειρία άσκησης από το #WH7.


παραδοThis is a place for great local street food and more, in various locations.  It started in the village of Panorama over 20 years ago as a relaxed coffee place. It quickly became a hit destination for all ages mainly because it offered the chance to have good quality coffee and eat something for breakfast or dessert. A few years later it opened a few more shops with the one in Aristotelous square being the most central and famous one.

If you need a nice breakfast to start the day or if you are wandering in the city and want to eat sth fast this is one of the best options. Everything is top quality and you can have big variety from super healthy salads to pizza made on the spot and delicious desserts.

There is minimal place to sit and mainly outside so this is suggested mainly as a to go option. There is another one in Kouskoura Street with a bigger sitting area if you prefer.

Where : Aristotelous & Tsimiski, + more



So, August is here, and so am I, still in the city…

This is the first time in my life that I see the city this full in the month of August. There are so many people that do not go on vacations any more, but also so much more visitors !

The usual picture of the empty streets and shops in August, does not exist anymore…

I spent most of my day in the area of the port, in ladadika which is always lively because of tourists, especially the days that cruise ships arrive.

Today I will share a place for coffee, breakfast, quick lunch, healthy snacks and sweet pastries. It is albeta, with many locations throughout the city, but the main one is right next to my office in ladadika.

alAt albeta you will find greek and Italian recipes, produced with artistry from fresh and pure countryside products mixed with the finest Greek/Italian culture.  Traditional pies, daily baked bread, handmade Italian pastry, grandma’s cookies, fresh sweets, homemade lemonade and sour cherry juice, fresh cut coffee.

This is my #1 spot for a quick coffee or lunch break all year long.  If you also need a quick break and something nice to eat, I highly recommend it !


9, Ionos Dragoumi & 10, Mitropoleos str.



Aristotelous Square

atAristotelous Street and Square is the heart of the city !

It connects the city since it is a central meeting point.  It runs from the ancient roman market ruins down to the waterfront. Whether you visit Thessaloniki for one day or for one month, this is a place you cannot miss !

Named after the great philosopher Aristoteles, you will also find his statue at one corner on the lower part.  It is a place for concerts, fairgrounds, and any sort of seasonal outdoor activity. If something is happening in the city, you will usually find it here.

Streets that cross with Aristotelous are, Nikis avenue which is the waterfront, and as we go up Mitropoleos a shopping street, Tsimiski the main shopping street, Vas, Irakliou and Ermou, minor shopping streets, Egnatia street, and Filipou street which is where you will find the ancient roman market !

thAristotelous Square (Greek: Πλατεία ΑριστοτέλουςIPA: [plaˈtia aristoˈtelus], Aristotle Square) is the main city square ofThessaloniki, Greece and is located on Nikis avenue (on the city’s waterfront), in the city center. It was designed by French architect Ernest Hébrard in 1918, but most of the square was built in the 1950s. Many buildings surrounding the central square have since been renovated and its northern parts were largely restored in the 2000s.

I am featuring one of my own photos as well as a famous one by absolute vodka which celebrates aristotelous’s shape !


To Neon – Best Bougatsa in town !

NeonToday I will present to you a newly found discovery which has instantly climbed to the top of my best bougatsa in town list !

What is bougatsa ? Ok, let’s take it from the beginning.

Bougatsa, (Greek: Μπουγάτσα [buˈɣatsa]), is a Greek breakfast pastry consisting of either semolina custard, cheese, or minced meat filling between layers of phyllo.  It is said to originate in Serres, in the Macedonia region of northern Greece and is especially popular in the northern Greek port of Thessaloniki.

I think wikipedia has covered the basics, all you have to do now is taste it !

To Neon is a typical bougatsa place in the centre of the city. It is located on the corner of L.Sofou and Fragon str.  right opposite the conservatory – a beautiful old building, and 5 minutes walking from the port. It also has other breakfast pastry things which I have not tasted, therefore I cannot recommend. I am really addicted to the cheese bougatsa, and cannot think of anything else !

There is a sitting area so you can enjoy your bougatsa there, or take it with you. The staff is very polite, clean and fast. Try it and you will not regret it !


L.Sofou & Fragon

Place De La Liberté

As we are getting ready for spring, we always search for new places to enjoy the city’s seaside view.

A new place the opened recently close to my office is Place De La Liberté, a french style bistro cafe.

LiberteIt is perfect for a short midday coffee break or after work drink. The area does not actually have many options for this type of coffee bars so this one is highly recommended.

The french style is enhanced by the croissant that comes with your coffee, unless you choose greek coffee, then in this case the classic “biscotoloukoumo” is served !

Place De La Liberté is a great suggestion to enjoy coffee or sunset drink with seaside view in an elegant environment !

It is conveniently located by the port, bank areas, and film festival venues.

Place De La Liberté

Café and Bar

Nikis av. 1 & Venizelou, Thessaloníki

4sq link


Sugar Angel workshop & coffee

This is by far the sweetest coffee shop in town! Let me start by saying that if you manage to come to this place only for coffee and not eat anything, congratulations ! You have strong willpower !

Sugar AngelI have actually been here only for coffee or tea twice, so I am really proud of myself. All the other times since it opened, a few months ago, I have tried everything with chocolate, and also the apple pie and the famous red velvet cake !

What I love most about the desserts here is that they are not heavy at all, they have high quality ingredients and delicate taste.

Something funny you will notice when you sit on one of the few tables is that all the people usually eat the same cake. It is no surprise since one sees something delicious on the table next to them and cannot resist but to try.

Sugar Angel cakeApart from coffee and desserts, you will find cakes to order in any style you can imagine, so this place is a must for children birthday cakes as well !

Sugar Angel is open during shopping hours and closed on Sundays. Keep also in mind that there are not many tables so it is not certain you will find a place to sit. Luckily you can take all the sweets to go as well ! In fact, if you take any of the sweets to go and you get a wooden spoon or fork you should know that they are natural biodegradable tableware from naturesse !

Sugar Angel workshop & coffee
Dessert Shop and Cupcake Shop
Lassani 1 (Proxenou Koromila)

4sq link

Paralia is back !

Paralia is the seaside of the city, the favourite stroll and coffee meeting place for all city locals.

Unfortunately for the last 2 years it was closed for renovation works. The wait is finally over and today it was given back to the public ! Yeah !

Paralia 1Although the weather was rather gloomy, many locals did take the first stroll on the new pavements ! The municipality also gave Nikis Avenue to the public following the “one Sunday every month” rule, where the street will be closed for cars during daytime !

I personally could not get enough of it ! I walked, biked and walked again in the evening although it started raining. Major updates include the bright red lights and the location change of the Umbrellas’ installation. The parks are not quite finished yet so more on this around Spring time.

Paralia 2The view of the city is amazing and biking from one end to the other – Megaro to Port – is about 30 minutes, making it the fastest and most relaxing transport method during rush hour.

From now on and as the weather gets better, leading to summer, we will have the seaside stroll back in our everyday life, walking, biking, and relaxing.

More photos and updates as the weather gets better !

Zefxidos street

ZefxidosZefxidos Street is the most urban, and hip part of the city.  You will find it filled with young people all year long – except when it is really cold…

It is a small pedestrian street located between Pavlou Mela and Iktinou streets. It is filled with small coffee-bars full of people from the morning till late at night.

It is a favourite city spot for many reasons.  First of all, it has an ideal location where it is cool to sit outside in the summer but also not so windy and cold in the winter. Secondly, it is a car free zone. Thirdly, you can find people of all ages and styles, although the majority is young students.  Last, and maybe most important, the bars play music only on the inside, so sitting outside is cool and quiet and you can actually hear your friends talking, in contrast to the popular nightlife area of Valaoritou where when sitting outside you just listen to music from all the bars as one loud noise.

So I suggest you drop by Zefxidos street anytime of the day, and enjoy the last summer days of September and October.  My favourite time to go there is for morning weekend coffee, or early weekday evening drinks.