To Neon – Best Bougatsa in town !

NeonToday I will present to you a newly found discovery which has instantly climbed to the top of my best bougatsa in town list !

What is bougatsa ? Ok, let’s take it from the beginning.

Bougatsa, (Greek: Μπουγάτσα [buˈɣatsa]), is a Greek breakfast pastry consisting of either semolina custard, cheese, or minced meat filling between layers of phyllo.  It is said to originate in Serres, in the Macedonia region of northern Greece and is especially popular in the northern Greek port of Thessaloniki.

I think wikipedia has covered the basics, all you have to do now is taste it !

To Neon is a typical bougatsa place in the centre of the city. It is located on the corner of L.Sofou and Fragon str.  right opposite the conservatory – a beautiful old building, and 5 minutes walking from the port. It also has other breakfast pastry things which I have not tasted, therefore I cannot recommend. I am really addicted to the cheese bougatsa, and cannot think of anything else !

There is a sitting area so you can enjoy your bougatsa there, or take it with you. The staff is very polite, clean and fast. Try it and you will not regret it !


L.Sofou & Fragon