So, August is here, and so am I, still in the city…

This is the first time in my life that I see the city this full in the month of August. There are so many people that do not go on vacations any more, but also so much more visitors !

The usual picture of the empty streets and shops in August, does not exist anymore…

I spent most of my day in the area of the port, in ladadika which is always lively because of tourists, especially the days that cruise ships arrive.

Today I will share a place for coffee, breakfast, quick lunch, healthy snacks and sweet pastries. It is albeta, with many locations throughout the city, but the main one is right next to my office in ladadika.

alAt albeta you will find greek and Italian recipes, produced with artistry from fresh and pure countryside products mixed with the finest Greek/Italian culture.  Traditional pies, daily baked bread, handmade Italian pastry, grandma’s cookies, fresh sweets, homemade lemonade and sour cherry juice, fresh cut coffee.

This is my #1 spot for a quick coffee or lunch break all year long.  If you also need a quick break and something nice to eat, I highly recommend it !


9, Ionos Dragoumi & 10, Mitropoleos str.