LadadikaThis is an old style neighbourhood in the centre of Thessaloniki.  Located between the port and the Valaoritou nightlife area, this colourful place is filled with nice restaurants and bars.

The name Ladadika comes from the old market of trading oil that this place was originally known for.   As you walk through the narrow streets and alleys, you will feel like you take a walk in the past!

This is a neighbourhood which is alive 24 hours per day. In the morning you will see the business people walking around, as it is an area next to the port with many banks and business offices around.  My office is also located here so if you are in the neighbourhood send me a message to meet !

LadadikaFrom lunchtime onwards people start filling the places to eat, drink and dance till the next morning.  You will find many famous places to eat here like Zythos, Paparouna, Panelinion, Bakaliarakia tou Aristou, Full tou Meze, Tapas Bar and many more.  Detailed posts on these and more will follow in time…

Have in mind that after 14.00 the restaurants start getting busy, so if you are there on a weekend avoid going around 15.00 as it is the busiest time.  Local musicians appear out of nowhere – don’t be surprised when you see them next to you!

This area is an excellent choice for lunch, dinner, coffee or drink, and is one of the first places to go for a real taste of Thessaloniki.


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