Tapas Bar

A great way to start the week is with a tapas fiesta at Tapas Bar.

A tapas fiesta is a selection of tapas dishes for 1 ( yes one ) euro each ! Tapas fiesta is every Monday at Tapas Bar Ladadika.  Besides the Monday fiesta they have a regular menu with tapas, paellas and more, and they also offer daily lunch menus with 6 euros !

Tapas Bar is located at Ladadika among many other restaurants. It is unique in style and taste as it has nothing to do with the rest traditional greek food places. It was recently renovated and now features a central bar so it is a nice option for an evening drink as well !

There is another Tapas bar a bit northern so you can visit anyone or both depending on where you are !

My favourite of course is the one in Ladadika which is located just opposite my office, and is a regular lunch break place for me !

Tapas Bar
Tapas Restaurant and Spanish Restaurant
Katouni 4

4sq link


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