A different day in the centre of the city !

parallaxiTomorrow Sunday the 22nd of September is the annual european car free day.  It is the best day to walk in the centre, ride your bike or rollerblade in the middle of the main streets of Thessaloniki.

The last few years an activist group named Thessaloniki Allios ( meaning Thessaloniki Otherwise ) formed and supported by Parallaxi mag has offered us many different days in the city.  Thanks to them we have discovered many unknown corners of the city and had many alternative experiences we wouldn’t have imagined in the past.

The different day in the city starts tomorrow at 12.00 and will last till 20.00.  There are 35 different events that will be happening in various points downtown and all of them are completely FREE.

The program in brief goes like this:

Point – Proxenou Koromila & Lassani – Games for children and grown ups !

Point – Ag. Sophias street – Various athletic events like Yoga, Dance, Tai chi, Zumba and more! Also free bikes and bike repairs up on the street near the church !

Point – Ermou & Svolou – Music events !

Point – Tsimiski street – Parades and organised city tours !

Point – Aristotelous square – Movie on a grass filled square at 20.00 !

Street Yoga 2012

Street Yoga 2012

The detailed program can be found here and the official facebook page here.  Most info is in greek but don’t let that stop you. Just go downtown and wander around the events and blend in with the locals !

Since no cars will be allowed in the centre you will only be able to go by foot, bike or bus.  Have in mind that because of the day buses are FREE and so are some of the parkings around the city centre.

Don’t forget the rest of the events this weekend, like the eco festivals, Reworks, and Κ.Ο.Θ. underground ! This is definitely on of the best weekends in the city!


Bike Parade

bikerideThis weekend really has it all ! Music festivals, eco festivals, fun events, and 2 bike events ! I don’ t know if the term parade that I put on the title is valid for the organised bike rides, but I’m using it anyway and if you can suggest a better term let me know !

First of all, let me tell you that we are having a bike events weekend since tomorrow is the european day without cars.  A new post with the events of tomorrow will follow !

There is one public organised bike parade which is open to ANYONE and will start today Suturday 21st at 18:30 in the centre of the city. The route is really short and simple and anyone can follow. People of all ages and fitness levels attend these events just for the fun of it.  Roads close for the cars during the parade so it is a wonderful experience to just ride your bike on the same busy streets you pass everyday with your car. If you are in town, there is no excuse not to go!

bikerideThere is another organised bike ride which is open to professional athletes. The greek world champion Christos Volikakis will be there as well as athletes from other countries. They will follow a city circuit of 54 km in the centre of the city.  This is really nice to watch while you drink your coffee in one of the coffee bars of Nikis street, like Thermaikos.  The photos featured here are from last year’s event and as you can imagine I shot them while I was having a relaxing coffee with friends.

Tomorrow the athletic bike ride will continue with another group of around 180 athletes from all over the world, who will start a country route from Thessaloniki and will go 175 km away to Siatista!

Urban Picnic 2013

Urban Picnic 2012

Urban Picnic 2012

Urban Picnic is here for the second time !  It starts tomorrow and will last for the 3 last days of August.  It is a new event in town and we hope it will become annual since it is a fun way to say good-buy to the summer …

It was organised last year for the first time and we really enjoyed seeing our city with a different view !

Greek people are not used to hang out a lot in places that are not designed for this purpose i.e. bars, club, etc. but now in times of crisis, instead of complaining we have to figure out new forms of entertainment.  What is the easiest way to find something new ? To have a good look at the past ! Urban Picnic gives us this chance since it is housed in the ancient Roman Market of Thessaloniki, a magnificent place in the heart of the city, which is normally open only during museum hours. Having the chance to sit in a place like this, listening to music, watching a film and having your own picnic under the moonlight is a heavenly experience ! Don’t miss it!

Have a look at the detailed program with all the events for the 3 days.

Important note : PLEASE keep the place CLEAN by not leaving any garbage behind!