3rd Night Marathon

mThis weekend it is all about sports in the city.

Besides the World Rowing Costal Championships we also have the 3rd International Half Marathon this Suturday 18th of October.

Someone could say this city is very athletic ! We do lots of sports, that is why we spend the rest of the time drinking coffee by the sea !

In fact this year’s attendance has grown from last year’s 12,000 runners, making this event another big athletic event for the city. But what is a half-Marathon and why is it half ? It is an endurance race and the little “brother” of the Marathon. As its name suggests, it is a race of the half distance of a marathon (42.195 m) that is 21.095 m.  The smaller distance and the fat that it uses city centre roads makes it very popular and easy for most people to participate.

Enjoy the sports weekend !

More details about the event on the website.


World Rowing Costal Championships in town this weekend

wMy morning bike ride to the office had a surprise today ! Some kind of athletic event preparations by the sea.  I stopped to take some photos and I see that there are rowing athletes getting ready.  Apparently the World Rowing Costal Championships are held in Thessaloniki Greece between October 16-19

This was a nice surprise so as I know almost nothing about this event, I did some research to find out.

This is a new event that the city is organising for the first time – let’s hope it will become annual. It is organised by the Hellenic Rowing Federation and the Municipality of Thessaloniki. For Thessaloniki, sports are both a tradition and a perspective. 2014, the year during which Thessaloniki holds the title of the European Youth Capital, is the year that the city highlights its capabilities, its prospects and all its creative powers.

We are always happy to welcome new events in the city, especially those promoting sports and activities.

Enjoy the event !

4th Greenwave Festival 18-21 September

xThe alternative eco festival of Thessaloniki is back for the 4th time to celebrate nature, music, and activism in the heart of the city.

The event starts on Thursday 18th and will last till Sunday in the YMCA park, with film screenings, open talks, seminars, eco bazaar, children activities, music concerts and more.

This is a great chance to get in touch with natural alternative solutions to common problems, to open our minds, and start thinking differently.

Reworks 2014

rIn its 10th edition this year, Reworks is the audio – visual Festival of Thessaloniki that wishes to present the most modern artistic waves, from all over the world, to Greece. It presents, for the first time in front of the public, new musical and artistic trends through various works and showcases, while in parallel to that it presents the exclusive works of native artists and especially designed projects. Musical waves, concert and live performances, visual art presentations, workshops and a free street stage will be housed for the first time in the 10 year history of the festival within 4 days.

On day 1 Wednesday, September 17th, the festival will present a special concert of Max Richter with the Symphonic Orchestra of Thessaloniki. On Friday September 19th Reworks will present workshops and a street stage presenting domestic acts openly to the public as an answer to the economic crisis which strikes Greece, while in the night it will present a special line up on 2 stages at Block33. On Saturday 20th of September Reworks returns to its place of birth the MYLOS complex with acts from all over the world.

On the last day, as always Reworks will say goodbye with a special rooftop event at the MET Hotel hosting Resident Advisor with a special line up on board .

For another year, Reworks will become a collection of sounds and ideas, a meeting point of resonant voices, a window to tomorrow. From the electronic sound and disco aesthetics to Neo-Classical, pop, funk, soul & jazz and from the performances of established artists to the first performances of new and developing creators, it will try to visualize the need for a cohesive motif of entertainment.

Detailed program here. 

3rd Day with Colours


Day with Colours had become an annual event that is growing every year. Last year, 3.000 people joined the event. This year, we meet again for the 3rd year in a row, at the same place, Camp Field Kodra, tomorrow Sunday 14th of september in the afternoon, to get ourselves covered with colours and enjoy a fun and crazy day, full of music and colours.

If you some questions about the event itself, they will be answered in last year’s post. 


If not, and why should you. pictures speak for themselves, wear something white and head to Camp Field Kodra in Kalamaria for a fun and colourful day.

Action Field Kodra 2014 – I Need a Hero


Action Field Kodra is an annual art event taking place each September in the east part of the city in a former military camp.

Action Field Kodra 2014 is focusing on the theme of heroes and the heroic example with a spirit of introspection towards historical narration, archaeological reserve and national imaginary.

Stated more as a question than a request or affirmation, I Need A Hero will attempt to conduct an experiment in real-life conditions. By inviting artists to submit complete sets of artistic expression through solo exhibitions and to produce new works in collaboration with the curatorial team of Kodra –and always continuing emphatically the institution of Fresh for young artists– Action Field Kodra is not claiming anything more than to leave a collective imprint, one more valuable matter among others.

Detailed Program 

WHAT – I Need A Hero – Valubale Matters In Valuable Times

WHEN – 12/09 – 28/09/2014

WHERE – Barracks of ex-military camp Kodra

Exhibitions hours – Sun.-Thur.: 18:00-22:30 Fri. & Sat.: 18:00-23:00

GDG @ Thessaloniki International Fair

The most active month for our city has just begun with the 79th edition of the Thessaloniki International Fair taking place between September 6th-14th.

This is an annual event with great history.  Unfortunately today it is only a big fanfare.  The only interesting part that gives some hope for the future is the GDG event which is taking place during and inside the fair.

logo_horizontal-play1Google Developer Group (GDG) Thessaloniki aims at creating a vibrant and productive Google-focused community (The Playground).  The goal is to bring together passion 4 Innovation, to share latest developments, to ignite creativity and productivity so to create “The Playground”.

The event itself involves small and large gatherings with demos and tech talks, events like code sprints and hackathons, startup lectures and mentoring. In the last day of the event there is an interesting speech by Eli David on how to bootstrap your startup to success, which I will also attend.

Other than that I would not advice you to visit the fair unless you want to eat or drink local foods or go to live concerts of greek singers, among thousands of people.

Thessaloniki Food Festival 2013

food festivalThe 3rd edition of the Thessaloniki Food Festival is starting this weekend.  The initiative taken by the Municipality of Thessaloniki is aiming to give to citizens and visitors of the city a taste of gastronomy and local tastes !

The main objectives of the event is both a search of gastronomic identity of Thessaloniki, on which so much is said and written, and creative participation of professionals and amateurs working in related fields, but also the emergence of Thessaloniki as a top culinary destination Greek and foreign visitors.

The Thessaloniki Food Festival starts on Friday 22nd of November and will last till December 15th, suggesting to all of us a unique month with delicious cooking, tastings, workshops, taste, gastronomy and wine fairs, dinners, gastro-artistic interventions and various activities throughout the city.

The starting event is the New Greek Canteen that you will find on Aristotelous square on Friday the 22nd at the afternoon 18.00-20.00, where chefs will prepare unique greek tastes for you to try. The weekend follows with the Greek Market, a pop-up market that will be housed on the New City Hall Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th 11.00-18.00 that will give you the chance to taste and buy local delicacies.

For more information ( unfortunately only in greek ) you can visit the website and the facebook page.

Philoxenia Tourism Exhibition

philoxeniaPhiloxenia, is Thessaloniki’s official tourism exhibition on the world tourism market, currently in its 29th edition.

The organisation of this year’s event aims at increasing both its quality and quantity, calling all agencies and major actors involved in tourism to enter constructive partnerships and welcoming new proposals and ideas that will enrich the event.


OPENING DAY: 21/11/2013
CLOSING DAY: 24/11/2013

 THURSDAY 21/11 – SATURDAY 23/11:

SUNDAY 24/11: 11.00-18.00

SATURDAY 23/11: 15:00 – 20:00
SUNDAY 24/11: 11.00 – 18.00
TICKET: 5,00€

54thThessaloniki International Film Festival

54_tiff_posterIf you are in town these days you can see that despite the warm temperature, the famous Thessaloniki foggy weather has arrived !

This can only mean one thing – the time for the film festival has arrived !

Thessaloniki has a long history and love for all things art related, and cinema is one of them. For the last 54 years Thessaloniki is hosting an International Film Festival, each fall.  Faithful to its established annual appointment, the 54thThessaloniki International Film Festival will take place this year from November 1 to 10, 2013.

With renewed vision and a strong dedication to independent cinema, the Festival will once more invite both film makers and the audience to a special celebration of film. Films from all over the world, cinematic surprises, distinguished guests, tributes, Master Classes, round table discussions and parallel events will comprise the ten day event, transforming the city of Thessaloniki into a place of discovery and productive dialogue for the Seventh Art.

If you are not familiar with the event, let me give you some brief info.

The venues are the 4 cinema theatres in the port warehouses + the Olympion complex, a total of 6 venues.

All the action takes place between the main festival area at the port warehouses and the Olympion complex in Aristotelous square.

If you are in need for a place to discuss films, there are many festival spots throughout the city to enjoy food and drink.

Chill out festival area as well as party area late at night is the famous Warehouce C, you cannot miss it – just look for the big bright C outside the entrance !

Tickets can be bought in advance at the 2 festival boxes in Aristotelous square and outside the port. The detailed film program was just released and you can find it here.

Opening and closing films are by invitation only and this year are :

Opening film: ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE, Jim JARMUSCH, 123’, Germany/France/Cyprus, 2013

Closing film: NEBRASKA, Alexander PAYNE, 115’, USA, 2013

Some more detailed info can be found here as well as on the official website, the facebook page and twitter.  Finally, do not forget to download the official mobile app to stay updated with all the latest screening info. Enjoy !