54thThessaloniki International Film Festival

54_tiff_posterIf you are in town these days you can see that despite the warm temperature, the famous Thessaloniki foggy weather has arrived !

This can only mean one thing – the time for the film festival has arrived !

Thessaloniki has a long history and love for all things art related, and cinema is one of them. For the last 54 years Thessaloniki is hosting an International Film Festival, each fall.  Faithful to its established annual appointment, the 54thThessaloniki International Film Festival will take place this year from November 1 to 10, 2013.

With renewed vision and a strong dedication to independent cinema, the Festival will once more invite both film makers and the audience to a special celebration of film. Films from all over the world, cinematic surprises, distinguished guests, tributes, Master Classes, round table discussions and parallel events will comprise the ten day event, transforming the city of Thessaloniki into a place of discovery and productive dialogue for the Seventh Art.

If you are not familiar with the event, let me give you some brief info.

The venues are the 4 cinema theatres in the port warehouses + the Olympion complex, a total of 6 venues.

All the action takes place between the main festival area at the port warehouses and the Olympion complex in Aristotelous square.

If you are in need for a place to discuss films, there are many festival spots throughout the city to enjoy food and drink.

Chill out festival area as well as party area late at night is the famous Warehouce C, you cannot miss it – just look for the big bright C outside the entrance !

Tickets can be bought in advance at the 2 festival boxes in Aristotelous square and outside the port. The detailed film program was just released and you can find it here.

Opening and closing films are by invitation only and this year are :

Opening film: ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE, Jim JARMUSCH, 123’, Germany/France/Cyprus, 2013

Closing film: NEBRASKA, Alexander PAYNE, 115’, USA, 2013

Some more detailed info can be found here as well as on the official website, the facebook page and twitter.  Finally, do not forget to download the official mobile app to stay updated with all the latest screening info. Enjoy !


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