YiaSsena Art

Do you know what is the star sign of Mickey & Minnie Mouse and probably the secret of their passionate love story ? I recently discovered thanks to one of my oldest friends who is among other things a self-taught artist.  She recently decided to use her talent in drawing to explore areas such as astrological sings, alphabet letters, cartoons and a combination of those.  Her talent is amazing and is received with great enthusiasm form all over the world. She likes to personalise her drawings using a combination of letters and star signs, so if you look closely at her work, you will discover a story behind each artwork.

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Mickey & Minnie Mouse in love (their star sign is Scorpio)


Athos Photo Exhibition

2014-10-22 18.19.29The Cultural Centre of National Bank of Greece is hosting for a few more days the amazing photo exhibition of Stratos Kalafatis – ATHOS.

This photo exhibition presents a unique inside view of Mount Athos, that especially if you are a woman, you will never have a chance to see in this lifetime.  The exhibition is hosted in a magnificent old mansion with great history, known as Villa Kapantzi.

In case you don’t know anything about Mt Athos, let me tell you that Mt. Athos is a self-governed Greek Monastic State which constitutes the center of Eastern Orthodox Monasticism.  For more than 1,000 years, males (and only males) have arrived  to the mountain, changed their names and lived in isolation, devoting themselves to prayer.

2014-10-22 18.17.45Stratos Kalafatis devoted many years and numerous trips there, to complete this demanding project. The result can be seen in this exhibition and also in the photography book that was just published.

I have to tell you that I was very privileged to see this work a year ago, since mr Kalafatis was my photography teacher.

Don’t miss the chance to visit this unique photo exhibition till October 24th.  After that it will travel to other greek cities, Berlin, Germany and various other locations all over the world.


4th Greenwave Festival 18-21 September

xThe alternative eco festival of Thessaloniki is back for the 4th time to celebrate nature, music, and activism in the heart of the city.

The event starts on Thursday 18th and will last till Sunday in the YMCA park, with film screenings, open talks, seminars, eco bazaar, children activities, music concerts and more.

This is a great chance to get in touch with natural alternative solutions to common problems, to open our minds, and start thinking differently.

Reworks 2014

rIn its 10th edition this year, Reworks is the audio – visual Festival of Thessaloniki that wishes to present the most modern artistic waves, from all over the world, to Greece. It presents, for the first time in front of the public, new musical and artistic trends through various works and showcases, while in parallel to that it presents the exclusive works of native artists and especially designed projects. Musical waves, concert and live performances, visual art presentations, workshops and a free street stage will be housed for the first time in the 10 year history of the festival within 4 days.

On day 1 Wednesday, September 17th, the festival will present a special concert of Max Richter with the Symphonic Orchestra of Thessaloniki. On Friday September 19th Reworks will present workshops and a street stage presenting domestic acts openly to the public as an answer to the economic crisis which strikes Greece, while in the night it will present a special line up on 2 stages at Block33. On Saturday 20th of September Reworks returns to its place of birth the MYLOS complex with acts from all over the world.

On the last day, as always Reworks will say goodbye with a special rooftop event at the MET Hotel hosting Resident Advisor with a special line up on board .

For another year, Reworks will become a collection of sounds and ideas, a meeting point of resonant voices, a window to tomorrow. From the electronic sound and disco aesthetics to Neo-Classical, pop, funk, soul & jazz and from the performances of established artists to the first performances of new and developing creators, it will try to visualize the need for a cohesive motif of entertainment.

Detailed program here. 

Action Field Kodra 2014 – I Need a Hero


Action Field Kodra is an annual art event taking place each September in the east part of the city in a former military camp.

Action Field Kodra 2014 is focusing on the theme of heroes and the heroic example with a spirit of introspection towards historical narration, archaeological reserve and national imaginary.

Stated more as a question than a request or affirmation, I Need A Hero will attempt to conduct an experiment in real-life conditions. By inviting artists to submit complete sets of artistic expression through solo exhibitions and to produce new works in collaboration with the curatorial team of Kodra –and always continuing emphatically the institution of Fresh for young artists– Action Field Kodra is not claiming anything more than to leave a collective imprint, one more valuable matter among others.

Detailed Program 

WHAT – I Need A Hero – Valubale Matters In Valuable Times

WHEN – 12/09 – 28/09/2014

WHERE – Barracks of ex-military camp Kodra

Exhibitions hours – Sun.-Thur.: 18:00-22:30 Fri. & Sat.: 18:00-23:00


t1metamatic:taf is a well known multicultural space in Athens that very recently opened it’s sister place in Thessaloniki !

I discovered it by accident this weekend, since it is hidden in an old building off-valaoritou area.

They informed us that they had just opened a week ago and we were very happy for the new discovery !

What is it ? It is a bar and also art space.

t2As you can see there is already an art exhibition at the front space.  The building itself is really amazing and the whole atmosphere very relaxed and post modern.

metamatic:taf Thessaloniki is located in the cultural and entertainment center of the city at an abandoned until recently listed building at Edessis street. It aims to be an independent establishment implementing events related to all forms of artistic production, open and accessible to the public all year round, seven days a week.

Through practices that strengthen people’s participation and solidarity, all members of the community and especially young people are given the opportunity to implement and present their creative ideas, thus contributing to the formation of the city’s cultural policy and identity.

More info

Where: 5 Edessis str., Ano Ladadika

16th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival


The younger sibling of our city’s Film Festival, the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival is back as usually this March, currently on its 16th edition.

For me it is a festival I have discovered quite recently, the last 5 years or so, but since i discoverd it I never miss the chance to see as many documentaries as possible. My favourite subjects are environment and arts, but I often find myself getting lost in travel or social documentaries.  I love documentaries because they open your mind and offer valuable knowledge on many subjects that you might never bother to research.

This year, returning to Thessaloniki with new projects are filmmakers Helena Třeštíková (Vojta Lavička: Ups and Downs), Claire Simon (Human Geography) και Santiago Mitre (Los posibles).

More detailed info about the festival, the screening schedule and the ticket availability can be found on the official website. 

Besides the main program don’t forget to check out the special events section with exhibitions, masterclasses and other events.

Tickets for all screenings cost 4 euros but there is also a 10 ticket special pack for 25 which you can share with friends !

See you at the screenings !

Theatre Play “Nocturnal Creatures” by Juan Mayorga at Aneton

I am very happy to announce that the excellent Theatre Play “Nocturnal Creatures” by Juan Mayorga will have two extra shows as part of the city’s new theatre festival.

After enjoying great success during December and January, the City’s Cultural Department decided to include this play on it’s new theatre festival.

The two new dates are Friday the 14th and Suturday the 15th of February.

The place is Aneton theatre at Paraskevopoulou 42 & Konstantinoupoleos str.

Tel.  +302310869869

More information about the play and the contributors. 

Theatre Play “Nocturnal Creatures” by Juan Mayorga

I have a great suggestion for a new play today ! I am suggesting this not only because I am the official photographer, but also because it is a great modern play made with great enthusiasm by a group of young people involved in the arts community of Thessaloniki.

The play “Nocturnal Creatures” or “Niktovia Zoa” in greek, by Spanish play writer Juan Mayorga premieres today at the theatre of Manteos Tiresia. You need to be able to understand greek to watch it so this is a suggestion for the long term visitors of the city and of course the locals as well !

Ever wished you could be another person?

In a big city, some can take that wish too far.

Two neighbors. Perfect strangers with nothing in common except that one of them has been watching the other for a long time. When a new immigration law allows legal citizens to report suspects, the two strangers finally meet.

Brimming with dark humor, Nocturnal Creatures depicts four urban characters starved of communication. Much like the nocturnal creatures of a zoo live under artificial night light, these two couples live under pretended normalcy and muted violence. And when they finally speak up, they barely recognize themselves, or the others.

Produced and presented for the first time in Greece by the new production company Push Your Art.

ImageTranslated by Maria Chatziemanouil

Directed by Kiki Strataki

Music & Sound Design by Stelios Daras

Set & Costume Design by Irini Atmatzidou

Movement by Euanthia Sofronidou

Lighting Design by Michael Ziftis

Promo video by Gavril Psaltakis

Radio spot by Avgerinos Soulopoulos

Photography by Yolanda Sotiropoulou

Public Relations by Maria Totska

Produced by Push Your Art Company και Eclipses Group Theater


Matina Koulakioti

Sofia Sakelariou

Iraklis Tzafetas

Petros Fragopoulos

Doctor’s voice – Babis Matetzidis

When – Friday 20/12 /2013 to Sunday 12/1/2013 at 21:15

Where – Theatre Manteos Tiresia – G.Konstantinidi 15 & M.Tiresia str. ( Delfon-Paraksevopoulou area )

Price – 10 euros regular, 7 euros students/discounts

Information and Bookings : Daily between 18:00 – 20:30, 2310865904 & 6974702694

Thessaloniki Food Festival 2013

food festivalThe 3rd edition of the Thessaloniki Food Festival is starting this weekend.  The initiative taken by the Municipality of Thessaloniki is aiming to give to citizens and visitors of the city a taste of gastronomy and local tastes !

The main objectives of the event is both a search of gastronomic identity of Thessaloniki, on which so much is said and written, and creative participation of professionals and amateurs working in related fields, but also the emergence of Thessaloniki as a top culinary destination Greek and foreign visitors.

The Thessaloniki Food Festival starts on Friday 22nd of November and will last till December 15th, suggesting to all of us a unique month with delicious cooking, tastings, workshops, taste, gastronomy and wine fairs, dinners, gastro-artistic interventions and various activities throughout the city.

The starting event is the New Greek Canteen that you will find on Aristotelous square on Friday the 22nd at the afternoon 18.00-20.00, where chefs will prepare unique greek tastes for you to try. The weekend follows with the Greek Market, a pop-up market that will be housed on the New City Hall Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th 11.00-18.00 that will give you the chance to taste and buy local delicacies.

For more information ( unfortunately only in greek ) you can visit the website and the facebook page.