Theatre Play “Nocturnal Creatures” by Juan Mayorga

I have a great suggestion for a new play today ! I am suggesting this not only because I am the official photographer, but also because it is a great modern play made with great enthusiasm by a group of young people involved in the arts community of Thessaloniki.

The play “Nocturnal Creatures” or “Niktovia Zoa” in greek, by Spanish play writer Juan Mayorga premieres today at the theatre of Manteos Tiresia. You need to be able to understand greek to watch it so this is a suggestion for the long term visitors of the city and of course the locals as well !

Ever wished you could be another person?

In a big city, some can take that wish too far.

Two neighbors. Perfect strangers with nothing in common except that one of them has been watching the other for a long time. When a new immigration law allows legal citizens to report suspects, the two strangers finally meet.

Brimming with dark humor, Nocturnal Creatures depicts four urban characters starved of communication. Much like the nocturnal creatures of a zoo live under artificial night light, these two couples live under pretended normalcy and muted violence. And when they finally speak up, they barely recognize themselves, or the others.

Produced and presented for the first time in Greece by the new production company Push Your Art.

ImageTranslated by Maria Chatziemanouil

Directed by Kiki Strataki

Music & Sound Design by Stelios Daras

Set & Costume Design by Irini Atmatzidou

Movement by Euanthia Sofronidou

Lighting Design by Michael Ziftis

Promo video by Gavril Psaltakis

Radio spot by Avgerinos Soulopoulos

Photography by Yolanda Sotiropoulou

Public Relations by Maria Totska

Produced by Push Your Art Company και Eclipses Group Theater


Matina Koulakioti

Sofia Sakelariou

Iraklis Tzafetas

Petros Fragopoulos

Doctor’s voice – Babis Matetzidis

When – Friday 20/12 /2013 to Sunday 12/1/2013 at 21:15

Where – Theatre Manteos Tiresia – G.Konstantinidi 15 & M.Tiresia str. ( Delfon-Paraksevopoulou area )

Price – 10 euros regular, 7 euros students/discounts

Information and Bookings : Daily between 18:00 – 20:30, 2310865904 & 6974702694


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