Warehouse 7


As Summer is coming to an end we look at September as a good time for setting new goals. Some fitness goals maybe ? If yes then it is time for me to introduce you to my gym, Warehouse 7.

It is located inside the port, in an old warehouse, a huge old industrial space. Personally I love the location since it is very close to my office and also the big space and variety of programs offered. During the spring / summer months we often have sessions outdoors.

Check out the amazing Yoga video from last June on the following link.

Outdoor #Yoga, μια διαφορετική εμπειρία άσκησης από το #WH7.


Nautical Club of Thessaloniki

IMG_3825.JPGOne year ago I decided to go after one of my long time dreams in life. Become a sailor ! I joined Nautical Club of Thessaloniki together with a friend, and took the spring summer sailing course.

I cannot describe what an amazing experience this has been. One day of sailing every weekend and also two 24hour classes towards the end. Learning to sail is not that difficult, but not that easy either.

However, living in a country surrounded by sea, I think sailing should be a school activity. It is really a shame we only enjoy our city from the land, while it is also so beautiful, if not more, as we look at it from the sea.

The club has 3 sessions of classes, spring, summer and fall, and also organises 3 annual trips for members and not. I just joined for the first time the easter trip to the Ionian sea and it was an amazing experience.

I do not know if they offer classes in english, but I guess if a group of non-greek speakers show up they can form a class. Groups are 6-8 people so I encourage you to check their webpage or drop by to check in person. This is a suggestion for long term visitors of the city only.

Where : Themistokli Sofouli 112



Theatre Play “Nocturnal Creatures” by Juan Mayorga

I have a great suggestion for a new play today ! I am suggesting this not only because I am the official photographer, but also because it is a great modern play made with great enthusiasm by a group of young people involved in the arts community of Thessaloniki.

The play “Nocturnal Creatures” or “Niktovia Zoa” in greek, by Spanish play writer Juan Mayorga premieres today at the theatre of Manteos Tiresia. You need to be able to understand greek to watch it so this is a suggestion for the long term visitors of the city and of course the locals as well !

Ever wished you could be another person?

In a big city, some can take that wish too far.

Two neighbors. Perfect strangers with nothing in common except that one of them has been watching the other for a long time. When a new immigration law allows legal citizens to report suspects, the two strangers finally meet.

Brimming with dark humor, Nocturnal Creatures depicts four urban characters starved of communication. Much like the nocturnal creatures of a zoo live under artificial night light, these two couples live under pretended normalcy and muted violence. And when they finally speak up, they barely recognize themselves, or the others.

Produced and presented for the first time in Greece by the new production company Push Your Art.

ImageTranslated by Maria Chatziemanouil

Directed by Kiki Strataki

Music & Sound Design by Stelios Daras

Set & Costume Design by Irini Atmatzidou

Movement by Euanthia Sofronidou

Lighting Design by Michael Ziftis

Promo video by Gavril Psaltakis

Radio spot by Avgerinos Soulopoulos

Photography by Yolanda Sotiropoulou

Public Relations by Maria Totska

Produced by Push Your Art Company και Eclipses Group Theater


Matina Koulakioti

Sofia Sakelariou

Iraklis Tzafetas

Petros Fragopoulos

Doctor’s voice – Babis Matetzidis

When – Friday 20/12 /2013 to Sunday 12/1/2013 at 21:15

Where – Theatre Manteos Tiresia – G.Konstantinidi 15 & M.Tiresia str. ( Delfon-Paraksevopoulou area )

Price – 10 euros regular, 7 euros students/discounts

Information and Bookings : Daily between 18:00 – 20:30, 2310865904 & 6974702694

Peirama Workshops

peiramaPeirama is an activity group aiming  “To inspire and equip people to explore and realize their potentials”

Their main areas of interest are :

• Organizing extraordinary workshops which address everyone.

• Staging performances, events, concerts, presentations, parties… on its own devices or in collaboration with other groups.

• Contributing by offering the venue, material infrastructure etc. for events organized by other groups.

Tomorrow they have an introduction meeting to all their new winter seminars, ranging from film and photography lessons to knitting and “how to make your own soaps and cosmetics”

I have attended seminars there in the past and they are a great way to learn something new and creative during the winter time !

Have a look at their webpage and facebook page and go to the free introduction day tomorrow Wendsday 2th at 18.30, Filipou 51, downtown Thessaloniki !

See you there !

P.S. Although most of the seminars are practical and not theoretical, some working knowledge of greek language is required. If you speak a little bit of greek your interaction with the locals will help you improve your language skills. If on the other hand you don’ t speak any, you should ask the program administrator if they can explain a few things in english for you, before joining !