TedX Thessaloniki 2014

TedX is back for it’s 4th year in Thessaloniki. This year’s theme ?

Where does something end and where does it begin?

How can an end boost inspiration and how does a beginning make an end?

Where do we start from and how many are the ends and beginnings in a human’s lifetime?


This year TedX will explore the powerful circle between the end and the beginning and the moving force created when combined almost in every aspect of our life. A best selling author, an inspirational teacher and a historical figure from the design industry, among other speakers, will help us better understand what ends and beginnings mean to us. The guests will share ideas, personal stories and experiences to showcase the ever-evolving relationship between new starts and endings. We’ll have the chance to follow a young photographer’s strenuous efforts to understand the worlds of pornography and trafficking, and help young people make a new start in their lives, while a social entrepreneur will show how he decided to make a new beginning and flourish in a country miles away from his birthplace. Having experienced in our very own lives profound change through ends and beginnings over the recent years, this year TEDxThessaloniki felt the need to put together and showcase on stage people who have managed to master this powerful interconnection between several starting and ending points*.

Here is the programme.

SESSION 1 | 11.00-12.50 | Liftoff

1. Performance Vis Motrix – Dance Group

2. Maya Tsoclis – Journalist

3. Stephanie Hospital – Venture Capitalist

4. Andreas Souvaliotis – Social entrepreneur

5. Chris Giannou – War surgeon

BREAK | 12.50-13.30

SESSION 2 | 13.30-15.30 | Think Again

1. Dimitris Korres – Engineer

2. Dianna Cohen – Artist – Environmental activist

3. Prodromos Nikiforidis – Architect

4. Tim Rylands – Educator

5. Performance Polkar – Music band

BREAK | 15.30-16.30

SESSION 3 | 16.30-18.20 | The Journey is Ours

1. Christos Chomenidis – Novelist

2. Christian Heilmann – Web professional

3. Myrto Papadopoulos – Photographer

4. Satyabrata Dam – Adventurist

5. Performance Stringless – Music band

BREAK | 18.20-19.00

SESSION 4 | 19.00-20.30 | To Βe Continued

1. Carlos Eduardo Espinal – Startup investor

2. Diana Wais – Clinical psychologist

3. George Lois – Creative Director-Designer

4. Performance Plus n’ Minus Collective – Music band

When? Tomorrow May 10th at 11:00

Where? Royal Theatre of Thessaloniki – White Tower area

If you did not get your ticket in time you can watch live streaming here 


*The theme of TEDxThessaloniki 2014 is inspired by and built around T.S. Eliot’s quote “What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.”


9th International Marathon Run “Alexander the Great”

marathonThe International Marthon Run “Alexander the Great” will be held for the 9th year in Thessaloniki. Every year more and more people join this event, and looks like this year they are breaking all records ! The city celebrates one more time and everybody, young or older, of any fitness level will join for the good cause.

The International Marathon “ALEXANDER THE GREAT”, refers to the route Pella-Thessaloniki. Pella is the ancient capital of Macedonia and the birthplace of the great Commander, whereas Thessaloniki is the modern Hellenic metropolis of Macedonia. This International Marathon which symbolises one of the most recognizable personalities of humanity, Alexander the Great, is not just a major and International sporting event. It is a path in history, a path in ancient Greek culture, a Path full of Greece.

Besides the 43 km marathon which is for athletes and people who actually have a good fitness level, most people join the 5km and 10km which are very easy to follow at any pace.  Join the event this Sunday 6th of April !

More info 

16th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival


The younger sibling of our city’s Film Festival, the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival is back as usually this March, currently on its 16th edition.

For me it is a festival I have discovered quite recently, the last 5 years or so, but since i discoverd it I never miss the chance to see as many documentaries as possible. My favourite subjects are environment and arts, but I often find myself getting lost in travel or social documentaries.  I love documentaries because they open your mind and offer valuable knowledge on many subjects that you might never bother to research.

This year, returning to Thessaloniki with new projects are filmmakers Helena Třeštíková (Vojta Lavička: Ups and Downs), Claire Simon (Human Geography) και Santiago Mitre (Los posibles).

More detailed info about the festival, the screening schedule and the ticket availability can be found on the official website. 

Besides the main program don’t forget to check out the special events section with exhibitions, masterclasses and other events.

Tickets for all screenings cost 4 euros but there is also a 10 ticket special pack for 25 which you can share with friends !

See you at the screenings !

Boat Bars

Boat barDo you know that Thessaloniki has not one, not two, but three boat bars ?

There are three boats, that you will find sitting in front of the white tower where you can enjoy your drink while getting a mini cruise on the gulf of Thermaikos !

You get the chance to view the city from a totally different prospective, by the sea, and you might also get the chance to see some huge container ships up close !

Some people find the boat bars touristic and many locals wouldn’t be seen dead in there, but I actually like them a lot, and thankfully have some friends who like them too, so we regularly go there for a drink, even during the winter time if the weather is not very cold.

boatbarEach bar has a different music style so if you are particular about the soundtrack of your mini cruise choose the one you like best: rock, reggae or mainstream.  If you don’t care so much about the music, but want to enjoy the ride just hop on to the first available one to leave next.  There are tables with the times of departure just in front of the boats and also people there who will tell you which one leaves next.

My favourite time to go there is in the evening but it is also great during sunset or on a sunny winter sunday morning !

Entrance is free, and you only pay for your drink.

P.S. If you are lucky enough to get caught by rain during the cruise there is no way to escape it – you just get wet !