9th International Marathon Run “Alexander the Great”

marathonThe International Marthon Run “Alexander the Great” will be held for the 9th year in Thessaloniki. Every year more and more people join this event, and looks like this year they are breaking all records ! The city celebrates one more time and everybody, young or older, of any fitness level will join for the good cause.

The International Marathon “ALEXANDER THE GREAT”, refers to the route Pella-Thessaloniki. Pella is the ancient capital of Macedonia and the birthplace of the great Commander, whereas Thessaloniki is the modern Hellenic metropolis of Macedonia. This International Marathon which symbolises one of the most recognizable personalities of humanity, Alexander the Great, is not just a major and International sporting event. It is a path in history, a path in ancient Greek culture, a Path full of Greece.

Besides the 43 km marathon which is for athletes and people who actually have a good fitness level, most people join the 5km and 10km which are very easy to follow at any pace.  Join the event this Sunday 6th of April !

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