Fiali wines and spirits

fialiAs we are approaching the christmas season all we are thinking is food and drink …

The Food Festival has just started in the city so we have the chance to explore new tastes.

What we need now is some wine suggestions and here is Fiali to help us with that.

Fiali is the new wines and spirits shop that has just opened on the east part of the city, in the area of Kalamaria.

The owners George and Michael will give you their expert tips and advice and guide you in your selection of wine or other drinks.

They regularly offer in house wine tastings, currently every friday, so I suggest you follow them on Facebook or Twitter to stay updated with the latest news.

Besides the well known brands of wines and spirits, they specialize in finding and presenting to us unique, small winery options giving us the excuse to return to their shop for some more tasting !

Address : 68 Aegeou str, Kalamaria

Tel : 2310 40 20 75

Email :


Thessaloniki Food Festival 2013

food festivalThe 3rd edition of the Thessaloniki Food Festival is starting this weekend.  The initiative taken by the Municipality of Thessaloniki is aiming to give to citizens and visitors of the city a taste of gastronomy and local tastes !

The main objectives of the event is both a search of gastronomic identity of Thessaloniki, on which so much is said and written, and creative participation of professionals and amateurs working in related fields, but also the emergence of Thessaloniki as a top culinary destination Greek and foreign visitors.

The Thessaloniki Food Festival starts on Friday 22nd of November and will last till December 15th, suggesting to all of us a unique month with delicious cooking, tastings, workshops, taste, gastronomy and wine fairs, dinners, gastro-artistic interventions and various activities throughout the city.

The starting event is the New Greek Canteen that you will find on Aristotelous square on Friday the 22nd at the afternoon 18.00-20.00, where chefs will prepare unique greek tastes for you to try. The weekend follows with the Greek Market, a pop-up market that will be housed on the New City Hall Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th 11.00-18.00 that will give you the chance to taste and buy local delicacies.

For more information ( unfortunately only in greek ) you can visit the website and the facebook page.

Philoxenia Tourism Exhibition

philoxeniaPhiloxenia, is Thessaloniki’s official tourism exhibition on the world tourism market, currently in its 29th edition.

The organisation of this year’s event aims at increasing both its quality and quantity, calling all agencies and major actors involved in tourism to enter constructive partnerships and welcoming new proposals and ideas that will enrich the event.


OPENING DAY: 21/11/2013
CLOSING DAY: 24/11/2013

 THURSDAY 21/11 – SATURDAY 23/11:

SUNDAY 24/11: 11.00-18.00

SATURDAY 23/11: 15:00 – 20:00
SUNDAY 24/11: 11.00 – 18.00
TICKET: 5,00€

Meet a Local – Harry Giannakis

The local we are meeting today is Harry Giannakis a resident of Kastoria, a global citizen, and most of all a Thessaloniki lover.  He is a Co-Owner of ”Giannnaki Furs of  Kastoria” and you can find him on Facebook and Twitter.

How much of a local are you ?

I was born in Thessaloniki, raised in Kastoria and then lived for 4 years in Thessaloniki as a student in ACT. I currently live mostly in Kastoria except from the periods I travel abroad for work, but I always consider Thessaloniki as my  city!

Name the three things you love about this city.

1. The sea view while enjoying a coffee or lunch at the sea side cafes/restaurants at  Nikis Av.
2. That in every corner you come across with the rich history of the city, roman,byzantine, ottoman.
2. The people

Name the three things you hate about this city.

1. The metro construction work and the chaos it results.
2. The lack of parking spaces.
3. The awfull  smell in the harbour!

Give us your top things for a visitor to do in Thessaloniki

harry g1. Visit The White Tower.
2. Window shopping in Tsimiski , Ag. Sophia and Mitropoleos St.
3. Enjoy eating a fresh koulouri from the street karotsi  in Tsimiski St. or a tsoureki from Terkenlis stuffed with hazelnut cream in  a Saturday morning while seating on a bench in Aristotelous Sq. .
4. Enjoying lunch or dinner with a view at Kitchen Bar, or Agioli.
5. Thessaloniki by night in the numerous bars by Nikis Av.

Where do we find you right now ?

In Kastoria, inspecting the new Winter 2013/14 Giannaki Furs  Collection just before it hits the shops.

Where would you rather be and do ?

Lay down under the sun in a tropical  beach Goa is fine:-)


Thank you Harris ! We wish you go soon to the tropical Goa beach where Furs are not needed ! !

Thessaloniki City Walks

Walking Thessaloniki

Walking Thessaloniki

Love Thessaloniki wishes you a wonderful November and a happy film festival week ! As we enter the winter months, and since the weather is still warm, it is the ideal time for visitors and locals to explore the city.  Starting today and for the next 10 days that the film festival takes place, the city will enjoy the company of visitors from all over the world.

I am often surprised to meet foreign visitors in weird places asking for directions and I am always curious to know how they found their way there, since the city itself does not offer a lot of directions besides the occasional label in english in some key spots.

Things are a lot easier these days, we live in the age of technology, where everything you think of, someone else has already thought or done it before.  So have you ever thought how great it would be to have your own personal tour guide to walk you around the city?

Here is where Walking Thessaloniki, a mobile app featuring an urban walking guide to the city comes to save all of you wondering travellers – and some of us locals who haven’t explored the city as much as we’d like!

“Walking Thessaloniki” is the first walking guide to the city of Thessaloniki. It consists of 23 routes, each with a carefully thought out scenic walk in a neighborhood of Thessaloniki. Each one has a detailed map of your walk, interest & entertainment points and a description of what you will see along the way, inlcluding historic and fun facts! Every interest point has a description website links and photographs of its own.

All the information provided helps you be as independent as possible, to save time while moving around the city like a local, and avoid tourist traps.

If you like the idea, then I suggest you visit the Greek City Walks webpage for more information, like their facebook page, and follow on twitter to stay updated.  The app is available in english and greek and there is also a print edition available for the old-fashioned travellers.

Paris and Dimitris, the two guys behind this have done an exceptional job showing off Thessaloniki’s best kept secrets and offering assistance to travellers.  The 23 routes might seem a lot for the short time traveller but I believe the aim is to visit the city again and again till you explore every last bit!