Fiali wines and spirits

fialiAs we are approaching the christmas season all we are thinking is food and drink …

The Food Festival has just started in the city so we have the chance to explore new tastes.

What we need now is some wine suggestions and here is Fiali to help us with that.

Fiali is the new wines and spirits shop that has just opened on the east part of the city, in the area of Kalamaria.

The owners George and Michael will give you their expert tips and advice and guide you in your selection of wine or other drinks.

They regularly offer in house wine tastings, currently every friday, so I suggest you follow them on Facebook or Twitter to stay updated with the latest news.

Besides the well known brands of wines and spirits, they specialize in finding and presenting to us unique, small winery options giving us the excuse to return to their shop for some more tasting !

Address : 68 Aegeou str, Kalamaria

Tel : 2310 40 20 75

Email :


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