The Caravan Bed & Breakfast

During last month’s Open House I had the joy to visit the beautiful new addition to Thessaloniki’s accommodation options – Caravan B8B.

I had heard about it during last year’s Open House, but did not have time to visit it, so this year it went on my list, and I was not disappointed ! First of all, the owners offered on of the best tours in Open House. It was broken down in parts and was equally fun and informative.



The renovated neoclassical building located in 1 Rempelou street was built in 1929 and originally it was used as a small “seragio”. The seragios was inns that hosted travelers. It was subsequently used as a residence for is owners. In 1998 with the decision of the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace the building was designated as a listed property. Later in 2001 it was leased and restored by the National Bank. When the National Bank left the building a team of young people joined forces to lease the building and make their dream a reality.

The caravan is a trip over time. A mix of contemporary and old elements. Furniture from George’s friends, Harry’s grandmother,Alexander’s aunt,  were repaired and placed in the space.

Everything has its own history. But the people is the most important element. The Caravan is a travellers inn, a modern bed and breakfast in the heart of the city centre. A Caravan with a hat that wants to be open to the residents of the city and is trying to blend travellers with locals, visitors with neighbours, friends with strangers.

Online Bookings

Where : Rebelou 1 (very close to Egnatia & I.Dragoumi )


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