Although I am not much of a tattoo person myself, I know many of you are and Tattooligans might be one of the reasons you visit Thessaloniki.

“Tattooligans Tattoo Studio” was founded in 1999. Its initial name was “Magic Needles” which remained until 2004, when it was finally changed to “Tattooligans”.
In the last 5 years, the “Tattooligans” have been traveling around the world and participating in the biggest and most important Tattoo conventions and contests. They have won over 80 international awards, among the most ” powerful ” and recognized artists of the Tattooing world scene.

gmEach artist of “Tattooligans” draws specific designs, and each one of them “hits” only those designs that belong to his specific kind.
These are the Design Categories of each artist:
George Mavridis: Realistic
Agios: Realistic, Japanese, Fonts, Cover up
Bogatinis: Fonts, Tribals, Maori
Nast2: New Traditional, New School, Realistic
Dovas: New Traditional, Old School & New School
Peros: Fonts, New School

The owner, George Mavridis has become widely known to non-tattoo fanatics as well thanks to the adventurous tv show “World Party”. The local community really loves him for his authentic character and his love for animals, especially his (also famous) dog, Molly.

The studio recently moved to this new address on the hip Valaoritou area, where you can also go to just have a drink or coffee at the cafe in the ground floor.

The info on the studio + artists was taken from their Facebook page.

Where : Siggrou 9


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