Valaoritou Nightlife Area

Up until a few years ago, this was an area you would never walk at night. It is a business area during the day with many local business, and office spaces. Over the last years, it has developed as the new art and creative district of Thessaloniki, and also a major nightlife spot.

The change is so big now, that if you have not been in Thessaloniki during the last 5 years and you suddenly go to this area at night, you will be shocked !

Also, if you are a new visitor and don’t have exact directions, it might be difficult to find since you will have to walk a bit in deserted – at night – streets until you get to this – full of life – area.

The general style and crowd is for students and young people.  The choices are so many, beer places, alternative bars, mainstream bars.  If the weather is nice and you sit in one of the tables outside, you will feel like you are in a greek island ! The bars and streets get super busy during the weekends and around midnight, so if you want to find a place to sit, go before 22.00.

You will find detailed posts about some of my favourite places here in the future, but I have to tell you something important now. Whatever you do, don’t leave the area without a stop at Pizza Poselli.  This is by far the best pizza in town and can only be compared to genuine italian pizza.  Tartuffo is my personal favourite.  No need to say more.


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