2nd Day with Colours from Sfina

coloursIf you are not so much into music or simply want some genuine crazy type of fun, then I have another suggestion for you!

The Day with Colours will be housed tomorrow Suturday 21st and for the second year in a row, at Camp Field Kodra in Kalamaria. The event is inspired by the Indian religious ceremony of Holi, but here we do it just for fun!

The host is the activity group Sfina, or else a group of crazy people doing crazy stuff in the city.  Not only they like doing crazy stuff but they like filming them too, so here is an excellent video clip from last year’s event.

The video speaks for itself so there is no need for me to say more. If you feel like letting the child inside you have a fun Suturday out, then wear a white outfit and be at Camp Field Kodra at 14.00.  You can easily go there by bus # 5.  The event is free but you will have to pay 2 euros for each bag of coloured powder.  All the colours used are safe for humans so you can safely bring any children with you.


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