3rd Night Marathon

mThis weekend it is all about sports in the city.

Besides the World Rowing Costal Championships we also have the 3rd International Half Marathon this Suturday 18th of October.

Someone could say this city is very athletic ! We do lots of sports, that is why we spend the rest of the time drinking coffee by the sea !

In fact this year’s attendance has grown from last year’s 12,000 runners, making this event another big athletic event for the city. But what is a half-Marathon and why is it half ? It is an endurance race and the little “brother” of the Marathon. As its name suggests, it is a race of the half distance of a marathon (42.195 m) that is 21.095 m.  The smaller distance and the fat that it uses city centre roads makes it very popular and easy for most people to participate.

Enjoy the sports weekend !

More details about the event on the website.