Paralia is back !

Paralia is the seaside of the city, the favourite stroll and coffee meeting place for all city locals.

Unfortunately for the last 2 years it was closed for renovation works. The wait is finally over and today it was given back to the public ! Yeah !

Paralia 1Although the weather was rather gloomy, many locals did take the first stroll on the new pavements ! The municipality also gave Nikis Avenue to the public following the “one Sunday every month” rule, where the street will be closed for cars during daytime !

I personally could not get enough of it ! I walked, biked and walked again in the evening although it started raining. Major updates include the bright red lights and the location change of the Umbrellas’ installation. The parks are not quite finished yet so more on this around Spring time.

Paralia 2The view of the city is amazing and biking from one end to the other – Megaro to Port – is about 30 minutes, making it the fastest and most relaxing transport method during rush hour.

From now on and as the weather gets better, leading to summer, we will have the seaside stroll back in our everyday life, walking, biking, and relaxing.

More photos and updates as the weather gets better !


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