Meet A Local – Christina Dimitriadou

Local ChristinaStarting today, will introduce you to some local people of the city, who will share with you their most as well as their least favourite things about Thessaloniki, and give you their personal suggestions of things to see and do while you are in town.

Meet a local presents to you our first guest, Christina Dimitriadou.  Christina works in Trade and Public Relations, she was born and raised in Thessaloniki, but lives in Athens for the last 6 years.

How much of a local are you ?

Quite a lot. It depends on the mood.

Do you currently live in Thessaloniki ?

I live mostly in Athens,  I ‘ve been gone for almost 6 years, but I try to spend as much time as I can between the two cities.

Name the three things you love about this city.

1.Walking by the seafront.

2. The people.

3. The city’s downtown centre.

Name the three things you hate about this city.

1.  The fact that the city’s downtown draws all the attention in terms of renovated streets, sidewalks etc, and all the remaining neighborhoods remain the same, with an evident decay.

2. The subway works in progress.

3. Egnatia street in general.

Give us your top things for a visitor to do in Thessaloniki

1. Walk by the seafront, visit the white tower, have coffee in Café Nikis 35 and lunch at Kitchen bar, all in once.

2. Go to Chalkidiki which is so close by.

3. Visit the ancient market, and have a stroll in the local area.

4. Have a sunset drink at the rooftop of Electra Palace Hotel in Aristotelous square.

5. Visit Vergina, which is also close by.

6. Visit Gerovasiliou winery for wine tasting which is located outside Thessaloniki, in Epanomi.

Where do we find you right now ?

In Thessaloniki.

What are you doing ?

Working long hours in two jobs for the next two months.

Where would you rather be and do ?

New York City. I missed the big apple’s vibe.  Its been ages !

Thank you Christina ! We were hoping to get your favourite Thessaloniki city spot in the last question but obviously you are in a travel mood !


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