Meet A Local – Elisavet P.

The local we are meeting today is Elisavet P. a former account assistant and now a blogger.

You can check out her blog, and follow her on twitter !

Let’s see what she has to suggest !

How much of a local are you ?

I was born , raised and live here. Truly , I couldn’t be more local !

Name the three things you love about this city.

1. The fact that in a million people you often see familiar faces at the city center.

2. The clear, colourful sky, after a windy day.

3. The city’s “taste” history and present.

Name the three things you hate about this city.

1. The traffic, due to construction works

2. Pollution, pollution, pollution!

3. That sometimes I thing we deserve the ironic title “frapedoupoli” (city of the people who drink cold, instant coffee)

Give us your top things for a visitor to do in Thessaloniki

IMG_20131018_2018111. Stroll by the seafront

2. Dring  “ouzo” with “meze” inside Modiano market.

3. Have a coffee at the area of Ano Poli near the old Byzantine walls.

4. Visit the White Tower. All there is about Thessaloniki’s  long history you will find it there.

5. For sports funs: attend a football match at P.A.O.K ‘s “Toumba Stadium”. The atmosphere is great! Of course, I am a fan so…

Where do we find you right now ?  Where would you rather be and do ?

Still here in Thessaloniki.

Nowhere else I’d rather be provided I find a job. If that doesn’t happen, who knows?


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