7th Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival

7th Short Film Festival

7th Short Film Festival

Just when the weather starts getting a bit chilly, we are entering the month of the film festivals, and we have the chance to get lost in the stories and atmospheres that they have to offer.

Let’ start with the 7th Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival

What is it ?

A challenging international short-film festival for outstanding and cutting-edge short films, promoting directors of good cinema and providing excellent viewing for the cinephiles attending it. Now in its 7th edition…


The festival was initiated in 2007 as AZA Short Film Festival, and in 2009 the Mayor of Thessaloniki recommended it changes its name to THESS SHORT FILM FESTIVAL as representing the city of THESSaloniki.  Numerous films selected and screened have reached nominations for OSCAR, Cesar awards, Cannes and other important distinctions.


20-26 October 2013


Cine Alexandros – Ethnikis Amynis 1 ( Opposite the White Tower )


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