Vogatsikou 3

Vogatsikou 3 is the new hot place in town ! It opened only a few weeks ago in the place of the town’s most famous bar of the 90’s, Bel Air and has quality written all over it !

The spirits collection is impressive, the cocktail list magnificent, the style and atmosphere amazing !

I really don’t know if it is the energy of the place itself that makes it unique or the new concept of the bar, I think both.

Vogatsikou 3

This is a place that even if you are not a heavy drinker you will want to try everything.  The spirits offered are premium quality and you will have the chance to experience unique tastes and brands.

If you are a fan of cocktails, then this is your place. There are more than 70 cocktails on the catalog. If you find it difficult to choose, then just ask the bartenders to help, they are very professional and helpful with suggestions.

The crowd is a mix of the trendy crowd of the 90’s who are still enjoying a good night out and the younger generation. The music is also a mix that applies to all age groups, upbeat with a soulful twist, and gives the final touch.

Overall, I was really impressed by the combination of top quality drinks, music, service and atmosphere. I give a 10/10 and will certainly be back very soon !

Finally a bar like it is supposed to be !

Vogatsikou 3
Cocktail Bar
Vogatsikou 3

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Place De La Liberté

As we are getting ready for spring, we always search for new places to enjoy the city’s seaside view.

A new place the opened recently close to my office is Place De La Liberté, a french style bistro cafe.

LiberteIt is perfect for a short midday coffee break or after work drink. The area does not actually have many options for this type of coffee bars so this one is highly recommended.

The french style is enhanced by the croissant that comes with your coffee, unless you choose greek coffee, then in this case the classic “biscotoloukoumo” is served !

Place De La Liberté is a great suggestion to enjoy coffee or sunset drink with seaside view in an elegant environment !

It is conveniently located by the port, bank areas, and film festival venues.

Place De La Liberté

Café and Bar

Nikis av. 1 & Venizelou, Thessaloníki

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Coq au Zen

I was really troubled if I should write about this place in the blog, because it is my # 1 favourite winter place for the last 3 years and is already quite crowded.

I finally decided that a) it is not fair to keep secrets, b) who reads this blog anyway, c) the universe will give back to me someday, so here it is, the one and only, Coq au Zen !

Coq au ZenWhat I most love about this place is the unique atmosphere. It is located in a small old shopping arcade, so in the daytime you will also see small shops open next to it. As night time approaches, the arcade is transformed to an atmospheric bar and you forget you are in Thessaloniki.

Coq au Zen has good quality drinks and menu, an interesting selection of wines, and is also a good option for a lunch break or early dinner. After 22.00 it gets really crowded, except from the summer days where people prefer more outdoor settings.

The music is also very eclectic and quite different night after night, depending on the dj.

Don’t be surprised if you hear a live piano set, there is one at the back and not only for decoration !

Coq Au Zen
Valaoritou 37

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Sugar Angel workshop & coffee

This is by far the sweetest coffee shop in town! Let me start by saying that if you manage to come to this place only for coffee and not eat anything, congratulations ! You have strong willpower !

Sugar AngelI have actually been here only for coffee or tea twice, so I am really proud of myself. All the other times since it opened, a few months ago, I have tried everything with chocolate, and also the apple pie and the famous red velvet cake !

What I love most about the desserts here is that they are not heavy at all, they have high quality ingredients and delicate taste.

Something funny you will notice when you sit on one of the few tables is that all the people usually eat the same cake. It is no surprise since one sees something delicious on the table next to them and cannot resist but to try.

Sugar Angel cakeApart from coffee and desserts, you will find cakes to order in any style you can imagine, so this place is a must for children birthday cakes as well !

Sugar Angel is open during shopping hours and closed on Sundays. Keep also in mind that there are not many tables so it is not certain you will find a place to sit. Luckily you can take all the sweets to go as well ! In fact, if you take any of the sweets to go and you get a wooden spoon or fork you should know that they are natural biodegradable tableware from naturesse !

Sugar Angel workshop & coffee
Dessert Shop and Cupcake Shop
Lassani 1 (Proxenou Koromila)

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CityZen Wine Bar

CityZen is an elegant wine bar that opened one year ago. Although new in town, it quickly became a favourite among wine lovers.

Featuring an extensive wine list which you can also enjoy by the glass, elegant atmosphere and music ranging from lounge to upbeat depending on the time, it is a stylish all day wine bar.

It’s central location and setting make it an ideal choice for winter.


The crowd is from mid 20’s up to much older but always classy and stylish. The older ones are actually mostly people who know how to have fun and you can find out for yourselves if there is a special occasion party. I’ve been there to such parties myself and all the crowd was dancing like pre-crisis times ! This is not the normal style of this bar though.

Overall it is a place to find Zen in the City, like it’s name suggests, and is actually one of the best suggestions to chill out with a coffee or drink after a day of work or shopping !


Wine Bar

P.P.Germanou 12, 54622, Thessaloníki

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The Bar

The BarOne of my favourite bars all year long is The Bar in the White Tower area.  This bar last year celebrated its 10 years and I also celebrated 10 years of going there with my friends !

It is one of the few places I equally enjoy during summer and winter. and actually feels like home to me !  The decor itself is not the normal bar atmosphere but it has a unique colourful, ethnic mix style, which is exactly my style !  The stuff is very friendly and will always find you a place to sit even if it is fully crowded, which is a big plus if you go late on a Saturday night !

Since this October came with a cool attitude and temperature dropped very quickly … this is a great suggestion for one of your first indoors Friday night drinks.

If you are lucky, you might get the chance to see one of the live bands they house at some winter nights.  They have provided us with some excellent memories of good times !

The Bar
Nikiforou Foka 3

Near White Tower

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Let’s say goodbye to September with a really sweet suggestion.

Candybar is a very cute coffee place that recently opened at Thessaloniki at the pedestrian street of Ag. Theodoras in the heart of the city !

It is very colourful and happy inside and out.  It offers home made sweets and beverages along with the usual coffee and drinks, all at very attractive prices.  While the weather is still good you will enjoy sitting outside by the swings in the pedestrian area away from the street noise.

If the wafers and marshmallows that come with your drink are not enough, you can always order one of the special sweets .

Candybar is a great choice all year long. When the weather gets colder just sitting inside this playful environment enjoying a delicious hot drink will make it a bit easier…

Café, Cocktail Bar, and Lounge
Agias Theodoras 4

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Dendrospito / Treehouse

DendrospitoThe new hot entry of the season in the area of summer chill out bars was no doubt Dendrospito !

Located in one of the few parks in the heart of the city, Dendrospito (which means Treehouse) was the perfect chill out spot this summer for many people who had little or no vacation at all !

While the weather is still good I suggest you go there and enjoy the last weekend of September, and maybe the last summer nights, since I don’t know if this place will exist in a new form during the winter…

As you can see in the daytime photo I took especially for this purpose, the place itself is almost all open space, fun and colourful ! It has a nice relaxed atmosphere and music, you can drink as well eat, very friendly stuff, and excellent prices.  What more do you need ?

Dendrospito / Treehouse

Lounge, Bar, and Restaurant
YMCA park – opposite Alexander the Great statue

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Zefxidos street

ZefxidosZefxidos Street is the most urban, and hip part of the city.  You will find it filled with young people all year long – except when it is really cold…

It is a small pedestrian street located between Pavlou Mela and Iktinou streets. It is filled with small coffee-bars full of people from the morning till late at night.

It is a favourite city spot for many reasons.  First of all, it has an ideal location where it is cool to sit outside in the summer but also not so windy and cold in the winter. Secondly, it is a car free zone. Thirdly, you can find people of all ages and styles, although the majority is young students.  Last, and maybe most important, the bars play music only on the inside, so sitting outside is cool and quiet and you can actually hear your friends talking, in contrast to the popular nightlife area of Valaoritou where when sitting outside you just listen to music from all the bars as one loud noise.

So I suggest you drop by Zefxidos street anytime of the day, and enjoy the last summer days of September and October.  My favourite time to go there is for morning weekend coffee, or early weekday evening drinks.

Boat Bars

Boat barDo you know that Thessaloniki has not one, not two, but three boat bars ?

There are three boats, that you will find sitting in front of the white tower where you can enjoy your drink while getting a mini cruise on the gulf of Thermaikos !

You get the chance to view the city from a totally different prospective, by the sea, and you might also get the chance to see some huge container ships up close !

Some people find the boat bars touristic and many locals wouldn’t be seen dead in there, but I actually like them a lot, and thankfully have some friends who like them too, so we regularly go there for a drink, even during the winter time if the weather is not very cold.

boatbarEach bar has a different music style so if you are particular about the soundtrack of your mini cruise choose the one you like best: rock, reggae or mainstream.  If you don’t care so much about the music, but want to enjoy the ride just hop on to the first available one to leave next.  There are tables with the times of departure just in front of the boats and also people there who will tell you which one leaves next.

My favourite time to go there is in the evening but it is also great during sunset or on a sunny winter sunday morning !

Entrance is free, and you only pay for your drink.

P.S. If you are lucky enough to get caught by rain during the cruise there is no way to escape it – you just get wet !