Let’s say goodbye to September with a really sweet suggestion.

Candybar is a very cute coffee place that recently opened at Thessaloniki at the pedestrian street of Ag. Theodoras in the heart of the city !

It is very colourful and happy inside and out.  It offers home made sweets and beverages along with the usual coffee and drinks, all at very attractive prices.  While the weather is still good you will enjoy sitting outside by the swings in the pedestrian area away from the street noise.

If the wafers and marshmallows that come with your drink are not enough, you can always order one of the special sweets .

Candybar is a great choice all year long. When the weather gets colder just sitting inside this playful environment enjoying a delicious hot drink will make it a bit easier…

Café, Cocktail Bar, and Lounge
Agias Theodoras 4

4sq link 


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