CityZen Wine Bar

CityZen is an elegant wine bar that opened one year ago. Although new in town, it quickly became a favourite among wine lovers.

Featuring an extensive wine list which you can also enjoy by the glass, elegant atmosphere and music ranging from lounge to upbeat depending on the time, it is a stylish all day wine bar.

It’s central location and setting make it an ideal choice for winter.


The crowd is from mid 20’s up to much older but always classy and stylish. The older ones are actually mostly people who know how to have fun and you can find out for yourselves if there is a special occasion party. I’ve been there to such parties myself and all the crowd was dancing like pre-crisis times ! This is not the normal style of this bar though.

Overall it is a place to find Zen in the City, like it’s name suggests, and is actually one of the best suggestions to chill out with a coffee or drink after a day of work or shopping !


Wine Bar

P.P.Germanou 12, 54622, Thessaloníki

4sq link


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