Reworks International Music Festival

Reworks 2013

Reworks 2013

It is here for it’s 9th year, Reworks, the audio – visual Festival of Thessaloniki that presents the most modern artistic waves, from all over the world, to Greece.  Reworks is well known to present for the first time in front of the public, new musical and artistic trends through various works and showcases, and also exclusive works of native artists and specially designed projects.  Musical waves, concert and live performances, visual art presentations, workshops and a free street stage will be housed within 3 days.

Friday, September 20th

Reworks Free Stage (Pavlou Mela & Zefxidos str.)
17:00 – 18:00 Αndreas Athineos (ChicNess, Greece)
18:00 – 19.15 Steve Mill & Elias Tzikas (Muak, Greece)
19.15 – 20.30 Chri$ ( Greece)
20.30 – 21.45 Actor One (Noir Music/ NON, Greece)
21.45 – 23.00 9West (Dessous, Greece)

Opening Night Mylos Complex 

Reworks Warehouse 
23.30 – 01.00 Darktom & George Adi (NON,Greece)
01.00 – 03.00 Robert Dietz (Saved, Germany)
03.00 – 05.00 tINI (Desolat, Germany)
05.00 – 06.30 Liubo Ursiny & Vlady (Elevate, Bulgaria)

Suturday, September 21st

Reworks Atrium 
19:15 – 20:00 Reworks Opening set: Lefteris Kordiaos (Republic, Greece)
20:15 – 21:30 Tosca Live (k7!, Austria )
22:00 – 00:00 Paul Kalkbrenner Live (PK, Germany)

Reworks Warehouse
23:00 – 00:30 Alex Dimou (Klik, Greece)
00:30 – 02:00 Ellum PresentsDanny Daze (Ellum, USA)
02:00 – 04:30 Josh Wink (Ovum, USA)
04.30 – 06.30 Ellum PresentsMaceo Plex (Ellum, USA)
06:30 – 07:30 Viton (Playground, Greece)

Reworks Club
23.00 – 00.00 & Jaymod (Greece)
00.00 – 01.15 Tanchevski & Machki (Pollux, FYR)
01:15 – 02:30 Nikola Gala (Rekids, Greece
02:30 – 04:30 Function (Ostgut Ton, USA)
04:30 – 07:00 Nina Kraviz (Rekids, RUS)

Reworks Lab 
00:00 – 01:15 Murcof (Leaf, MEX)
01:30 – 02:30 Sun Glitters (Kahn, Luxembourg)
02:45 – 03:45 Phon.o (50 Weapons, GER)
04.00 – 05.00 Be Uncensored Djs (Greece)
05.00 – 06.00 We Sink (Symbol, Greece)

Reworks Air Stage
23:30 – 00:45 Cruz (DeepElectric, GR)
01.00 – 01:45 Dreamachinery (Republic, GR)
01:45 – 02:45 Lilis bros (Just Gazing, Greece)
02:45 – 04:30 Red Bull Music Academy Presents John Talabot (Permanent Vacation, Greece)
04:30 – 06:00 Stassy (Techno Taverna, Germany)
06:00 – end NON Presents Ison / Actor One (Kindisch, Greece)

Reworks Factory 
00.00 – 01.15 Plastic Flowers (Manic Pop, Greece)
01.30 – 02.45 Fantastikoi Hxoi (Inner Ear, Greece)
03.00 – 04.15 Mechanimal (Inner Ear, Greece)

Reworks Library 
00.0 – 04.00 Mixmaster Morris (Ninja Tune, UK)
04.00 – 05.30 Elias Playground (Playground recs, Greece)

Sunday, September 22nd

Reworks Presents the Resident Advisor Closing Stage 
16.00 – 18.00 Matt Unicomb (RA, UK)
18:30 –20.30 Jupiter Jazz (Ellum, USA)
20.30 – 22.00 Bicep (Feel My Bicep, IRE)
22.00 – end Eats Everything (Pets Recs, UK)

On day 1 Friday September 20th the festival will present workshops and a street stage presenting domestic acts openly to the public as an answer to the economic crisis which strikes Greece, while for the first time in the night it introduces Desolat.

On Saturday 21st of September Reworks returns to its place of birth, the MYLOS complex, with acts from all over the world promising to preserve your interest undiminished from the time that the doors open to the very first sun beam the morning after.

On last day Sunday 22nd of September Reworks will say goodbye with a special rooftop event at the MET Hotel hosting Resident Advisor with a special line up on board .

Reworks 2013 is your chance to immerse yourself into a collection of sounds and ideas, a meeting point of resonant voices, a window to tomorrow. From the electronic sound and disco aesthetics to funk, soul & jazz and from the performances of established artists to the first performances of new and developing creators, it will try to visualize the need for a cohesive motif of entertainment.

For more details you can visit the website and the facebook page.


Eco Festival Weekend !

GreenWave Festival

GreenWave Festival

There are not one but two eco-festivals this weekend in the city!

The first one is GreenWave Festival, a festival hosted in the central park near YMCA, where we will have the chance to participate in discussions related to green subjects, attend free concerts, and eat vegan food.   Bicycles will also be available to ride for free.

The festival starts tomorrow Thursday 19th and will last till Sunday 22nd.  It is in the centre of the city, so there is no excuse why you should not drop by and get yourself informed on issues related to nature, urban life and green living.

All the events start after 18.00.  You can visit their webpage and facebook page for more details, although the info is in greek only.

Eco festival

Eco festival

The second green event is called Ecogiorti which means eco festival and is located on the east side of the city, on the park Neas Elvetias, Harilaou area, east terminal station of bus #10.

This festival also starts tomorrow Thursday 19th and runs till Sunday 22nd.  It features lectures, seminars, games for children, music and dance.  Their website has some more details but is only in greek.

The weather will be good, so the time is perfect to go out and enjoy life in the park, and also get informed on issues relating to a greener life in the city.  Whether you are a long or short term visitor to the city, this is your chance to relate to local people, while enjoying some free open air concerts.

And this is not all, this weekend is FULL of events, so stay tuned for more event info tomorrow !


BIENNALE 4The 4th Biennale of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki is here !

The Biennale opening will be held on September 18, with the inauguration of the exhibition “Everywhere but Now”, curated by Αdelina von Fürstenberg, Chief Curator of the Central Exhibition of the 4th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art, along with the opening the exhibitions by the “5 Museums’ Movement in Thessaloniki”, while other events and exhibitions will be inaugurated during the following months.

Over 50 artists from 25 countries – from Brazil and Cuba to Iran and India, as well as many Mediterranean countries, including 14 artists from Greece – will present their works, using all media such as paintings, sculptures, photography, video installations, films and performances.



The Central Exhibition venues are: Alatza Imaret, Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Museum of Byzantine Culture, Geni Tzami, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Pavillion 6 (Thessaloniki International Trade Fair area), State Museum of Contemporary Art (Moni Lazariston)

For more detailed info on the exchibitions’ dates and venues please visit their website and their Facebook page.

Le Coq tail mix bar

coqtailSeptember is one of the best months in the city of Thessaloniki.  Besides the many events during the month, the weather is ideal to enjoy all the open spaces and terraces with a view.  For a cocktail drink or coffee with a view, a great suggestion is Le Coq tail mix bar.  Here you will enjoy the last summer days and first fall evenings with great cocktails and drinks, while making your plans for the new season.

Le Coq tail mix bar is a cafe bar in Ano Poli with a view you will not forget. It offers a great selection of cocktails which you can enjoy on the open terrace overlooking the city.

The place is also ideal for a quick coffee break while strolling around the narrow streets of Ano Poli.  Don’t delay ! Plan your visit there while the weather is good and you can enjoy they terrace views !

Le Coq tail
Cocktail Bar and Café
Ohi Avenue 2, Ágios Pávlos

4sq link

Fix in Art festival


The busy full of events month continues with the Fix in Art festival.

The concerts have started a few days ago but will go through the end of the September so have a look at the program below and plan your visit.

Thursday 12th, 2013

VANILLA rock band

Entrance: 6€ (with beer or wine)

Open doors: 21:00


Friday 13th, 2013


COVERS BANDS DAY ( new talents )

Entrance: 6€ (with beer or wine)

Open doors: 21:00


Saturday 14th,  2013

NAD FESTIVAL 3 ( Hip Hop )

Free Entrance

Open doors: 19:00


Thursday 19th,  2013


Entrance: 5€ (with beer or wine)
Open doors: 21:00


Friday 20th, 2013

ENALLAX BAND + The Lemmings

Entrance: 5€ (with beer or wine)

Open doors: 21:00


Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd, 2013


SPEED UP FESTIVAL – Get to know the greek metal & rock bands

Entrance: 5€ (with beer or wine)
Open doors: 19:30


Wednesday 25th,  2013


Entrance: 6€ (with beer or wine)

Open doors: 21:00


Thursday 26th, 2013

FREE SOUL + Seven 2 Nine – Rock ‘n’ Roll bands

Free Entrance

Open doors: 21:00


Friday 27th, 2013

THE SKELTERS + Stray dogs rock bands

Entrance: 6€ (with beer or wine)
Open doors: 21:00


Saturday 28th, 2013

GREAT GIG – Pink Floyd tribute band

Entrance: 8€ (with beer or wine)
Open doors: 21:00
Φιξ In art
Performing Arts Venue and Other Nightlife
26th of October 15Fix area


Thess Bike

Thess BikeYeah, yeah yeah ! Today I am very happy to present Thess Bike !

In greek thes = θες = do you want, so if the question is – do you want bike ? The answer is surely yes ! 

I have always been very jealous of other cities’ bike sharing programs and was hoping that one day they will make their appearance in Thessaloniki too, so the day has finally come !

The program is launching as we speak so it is completely new and I don’t have many details to share with you yet.  From a quick look on the website ( which is currently only in greek unfortunately but hopefully english will appear soon ) local citizens using a prepaid card will be able to use them for free the first 30 minutes and then pay for each additional 30 minute interval.  Visitors will pay on a per hour basis.  Keep in mind that Thessaloniki is a relatively small city so going from one side of the city to the other will not take you more than one hour.


Renew Boutique

Renew BoutiqueA new concept boutique that recently opened in Thessaloniki is Renew Boutique ! It is really unique because it is the only place where you can Buy, Earn and Give locally!

It is located at 5, Proxenou Koromila str, very close to Mon Frere, so today after my coffee break I also had a quick shopping trip there !

They have a great website where you can get detailed information on how their system works and also browse on some of the items !

After speaking to Giota, a fashion expert who will help you find the perfect piece, here is a brief idea about the options Renew Boutique offers.

Renew BoutiqueBuy

You can buy unique and stylish Women’s and kids apparel, shoes and accessories which are slightly used or even new at amazing prices!

Bring your Women’s and kids clothing, shoes and accessories that you don’t need any more, and earn 40% as soon as they sell! You can use money directly from your account to purchase other items if you wish with a -10% sale on your purchases.

By donating women’s and kids clothing, shoes and accessories you can give your 40% towards humanitarian causes! With every purchase from Renew boutique 10% of the price goes toward humanitarian causes.

This place is super cute and full of little treasures, don’t miss it !

Mon Frere

Mon FrereMon Frere is on of my favourite coffee break spots in town.  Centrally located in the corner of Karolou Ntil and Proxenou Koromila streets, this place is surrounded by coffee bars and small boutiques. The seafront and the busy streets are just one block away.

I love this place because of its french style atmosphere, and the quiet (from cars) location.  It is always busy with people of all ages, and if you find a table to sit in the afternoon you can consider yourself very lucky ! I prefer to go there for an early morning coffee or on less busy days.

Mon Frere offers quality drinks, good prices and a nice atmosphere, the best way to start your day in the centre of the city !

Mon Frère
Karolou Dil 6 & Proxenou Koromila

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Open Bus Sightseeing Tour

open busIt is only until very recently that Thessaloniki got it’s own sightseeing tour bus and I am really glad it finally did !

If you have visited Thessaloniki in the past you didn’t have the chance to view it this way before !  You would probably have to walk a lot, or try to figure you way out with the public buses, or simply miss some really important places.

The Open Bus Exclusive Touring Service Provider operating under the name Thessaloniki sightseeing offers a complete tour of Thessaloniki with its fabulous open deck bus within a tour of  hop on – hop off points of interest.  It is the ideal way for the short-time visitor to see the most important parts of the city while taking a history lesson on board !

Taking the bus tour will give you the chance to learn everything about the history of the city with free commentary in 8 different languages.  There is a lot of interesting places to visit in Thessaloniki and Thessaloniki sightseeing offers the way to visit and see them all in a very reasonable price and a very short time !

You can get a one or two day ticket depending on how much time you want to spend on each stop. The city tour runs every 40 minutes and the duration if you don’t get off is 80 minutes. You will find more detailed info on the website. 

Tapas Bar

A great way to start the week is with a tapas fiesta at Tapas Bar.

A tapas fiesta is a selection of tapas dishes for 1 ( yes one ) euro each ! Tapas fiesta is every Monday at Tapas Bar Ladadika.  Besides the Monday fiesta they have a regular menu with tapas, paellas and more, and they also offer daily lunch menus with 6 euros !

Tapas Bar is located at Ladadika among many other restaurants. It is unique in style and taste as it has nothing to do with the rest traditional greek food places. It was recently renovated and now features a central bar so it is a nice option for an evening drink as well !

There is another Tapas bar a bit northern so you can visit anyone or both depending on where you are !

My favourite of course is the one in Ladadika which is located just opposite my office, and is a regular lunch break place for me !

Tapas Bar
Tapas Restaurant and Spanish Restaurant
Katouni 4

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