Le Coq tail mix bar

coqtailSeptember is one of the best months in the city of Thessaloniki.  Besides the many events during the month, the weather is ideal to enjoy all the open spaces and terraces with a view.  For a cocktail drink or coffee with a view, a great suggestion is Le Coq tail mix bar.  Here you will enjoy the last summer days and first fall evenings with great cocktails and drinks, while making your plans for the new season.

Le Coq tail mix bar is a cafe bar in Ano Poli with a view you will not forget. It offers a great selection of cocktails which you can enjoy on the open terrace overlooking the city.

The place is also ideal for a quick coffee break while strolling around the narrow streets of Ano Poli.  Don’t delay ! Plan your visit there while the weather is good and you can enjoy they terrace views !

Le Coq tail
Cocktail Bar and Café
Ohi Avenue 2, Ágios Pávlos

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