Eco Festival Weekend !

GreenWave Festival

GreenWave Festival

There are not one but two eco-festivals this weekend in the city!

The first one is GreenWave Festival, a festival hosted in the central park near YMCA, where we will have the chance to participate in discussions related to green subjects, attend free concerts, and eat vegan food.   Bicycles will also be available to ride for free.

The festival starts tomorrow Thursday 19th and will last till Sunday 22nd.  It is in the centre of the city, so there is no excuse why you should not drop by and get yourself informed on issues related to nature, urban life and green living.

All the events start after 18.00.  You can visit their webpage and facebook page for more details, although the info is in greek only.

Eco festival

Eco festival

The second green event is called Ecogiorti which means eco festival and is located on the east side of the city, on the park Neas Elvetias, Harilaou area, east terminal station of bus #10.

This festival also starts tomorrow Thursday 19th and runs till Sunday 22nd.  It features lectures, seminars, games for children, music and dance.  Their website has some more details but is only in greek.

The weather will be good, so the time is perfect to go out and enjoy life in the park, and also get informed on issues relating to a greener life in the city.  Whether you are a long or short term visitor to the city, this is your chance to relate to local people, while enjoying some free open air concerts.

And this is not all, this weekend is FULL of events, so stay tuned for more event info tomorrow !


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