Thess Bike

Thess BikeYeah, yeah yeah ! Today I am very happy to present Thess Bike !

In greek thes = θες = do you want, so if the question is – do you want bike ? The answer is surely yes ! 

I have always been very jealous of other cities’ bike sharing programs and was hoping that one day they will make their appearance in Thessaloniki too, so the day has finally come !

The program is launching as we speak so it is completely new and I don’t have many details to share with you yet.  From a quick look on the website ( which is currently only in greek unfortunately but hopefully english will appear soon ) local citizens using a prepaid card will be able to use them for free the first 30 minutes and then pay for each additional 30 minute interval.  Visitors will pay on a per hour basis.  Keep in mind that Thessaloniki is a relatively small city so going from one side of the city to the other will not take you more than one hour.



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