The Bar

The BarOne of my favourite bars all year long is The Bar in the White Tower area.  This bar last year celebrated its 10 years and I also celebrated 10 years of going there with my friends !

It is one of the few places I equally enjoy during summer and winter. and actually feels like home to me !  The decor itself is not the normal bar atmosphere but it has a unique colourful, ethnic mix style, which is exactly my style !  The stuff is very friendly and will always find you a place to sit even if it is fully crowded, which is a big plus if you go late on a Saturday night !

Since this October came with a cool attitude and temperature dropped very quickly … this is a great suggestion for one of your first indoors Friday night drinks.

If you are lucky, you might get the chance to see one of the live bands they house at some winter nights.  They have provided us with some excellent memories of good times !

The Bar
Nikiforou Foka 3

Near White Tower

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Fix in Art

fixinartFix in Art is an alternative art multi-space in the west side of the city, not far from the city centre.

It is located in an old building right next to the nightlife area of Fix. It houses concerts, dance lessons, theatre seminars, free movie screenings and a used bookstore all under one roof !

I first went there last spring after a friend suggested to go watch the classic movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and I was pleasantly surprised with this alternative art space.

The new dance season starts today so you can visit their facebook page for details on time schedule and prices. I have to tell you that this is not your regular dance class with latin and zumba. Here you can even learn how to dance Bollywood style !

I suggest you keep an eye on their page as various events come up throughout the year.

Φιξ In art
Performing Arts Venue and Other Nightlife
26th of October 15

Fix area

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