Action Field Kodra 2013

Action Field Kodra 2013

Action Field Kodra 2013

This is a weekend of events for the city, so today Love Thessaloniki will present to you Action Field Kodra 2013.  AFK 2013 is an international art festival, housed in a former military camp in the area of Kalamaria, with a history of 10 years behind it.  It lays emphasis on both personal and collective responsibility, as it is being shaped in contemporary history.  The festival aspires to become a platform hosting ideas that result from solidarity, collaborative spirit, and mutual support.

This year’s theme is “Walls”: When they were building the walls, how could I not have noticed! 

Seizing the opportunity of the celebration for the 150 years since C.P. Cavafy’s birth, Action Field Kodra 2013 is inspired by the poem “Walls” and based on its verses it is called upon to articulate an integral artistic speech. This speech will be undoubtedly influenced by the restructuring Greece, Europe and the Balkans are currently undergoing.

Action Field Kodra 2013 investigates the meaning of today’s Walls, which “Imperceptibly they have closed me off from the outside world“ and their consequences.

The opening was 2 days ago on Friday, but there are many events for you to attend till the 20th of September.  Have a look at their website for event details and plan your visit !


Ex military camp Kodra,
Komninon 60,
Telephone (+30) 2313 314572


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