Fragma Thermis by Night – Live Concerts

FragmaThermi is one of the city suburbs, located 15 km southeast of Thessaloniki.  It is a residential as well as industrial area. It is very close to the airport and the The Science Center and Technology Museum “NOESIS”.  In the area you will also find many shopping malls, big stores, schools, and the Technological Park of Thessaloniki.

One of the most interesting and beautiful places in Thermi is Fragma. Fragma means barrier and it refers to the water barrier that is built there allowing a lake to form.  The surrounding area is a natural park with ducks on the lake.  It is ideal for a relaxing weekend coffee or walk in the park.  There is a nice coffee restaurant overlooking the lake, so you can sit there, or have your own picnic anywhere you like.

What is really special about Fragma is the concerts and special events that take place there, throughout the year, weather permitting.

FragmaSeptember is the month of the big concerts, when people are back to the city from their vacations, and cannot stay inside their homes. So, what better excuse to go back in nature than to enjoy an open air concert by the lake.

Last night was the first concert of the season and it was really big !  Miltos Pashalidis, Christos Thivaios, Vassilis Papakonstantinou. 3 big names of the Greek music scene appeared in one single night, offering 4 hours of non stop live music and creating a unique atmosphere for all of us who were there !

Keep an eye on for the latest event listings and when you see an event at Fragma,  don’t miss it!

Tip: Always have a  jacket with you because the temperature there is much cooler than in the city !


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