7th World Naked Bike Ride

It is the first weekend of June, so it is time for the annual naked bike ride ! Currently on it’s 7th edition, this is an event that when it started only the “crazy” ones joined, and now it is a massive event that almost every young person in the city joins.

The World Naked Bike Ride is an international movement in which more than 70 cities worldwide take part.

It is the ultimate peaceful celebration for the promotion of bicycle as a means of transport, and sustainable mobility, against car culture and the pollution that it causes. For our independence from oil, lignite and non-renewable energy sources. For ecology, environment, human and non-human animals. For peace and non-violence, for the freedom of expression and stop feeling guilty for our naked body.

If the title scares you, don’t worry, you can come as naked as you want to. That means totally naked, or with a swimsuit, or even with a vest and shorts, whatever you feel comfortable in.  More than anything this event is about freedom and joy !

WNBR2014_Poster_2048The program for tomorrow goes as follows :



17.00 EVENTS with music set Holly Rabit,

Danny A.K, Lucie Brova.


22.00 PARTY WITH: music ensemble KROUSI

Music set: GG, YuGi, Naked Bike Rider

+ stilt walkers, film projections, fireworks and many other surprises.


When : 6/6/2014 at 19:00

Where : HANTH/YMCA of Thessaloniki Skate Park (Xarhakos)

Who : Children In Action, Thessaloniki Ecological Movement, Thessaloniki EYC 2014

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