FEAST Thessaloniki


FEAST is the new fund raising concept in town that intents to support local creativity.

It is not just support actually ! The concept is Eat, Drink and Vote !

If you are living abroad you might have heard of the concept already, but for us locals of Thessaloniki it is totally new, so let me explain.


What is FEAST?

… a live crowdfunding event
… a guerilla dinner in unexpected places
… an opportunity to support the creative class of Thessaloniki
… a solidarity act. After all you can’t make it all on your own!
… a place to bring together the creative community

In other words, people meet for a casual dinner, where they attend presentations of new business concepts for a small fee. At the end of the night the best concept, as voted by all participants, wins the amount of money collected.


Where ?

The first Thessaloniki FEAST will take place at ApoDec 


When ?

Thursday 10th of April 2014 at 20.00

Check out the Facebook event page


Cost ?

10 euros including dinner and drinks !


Who ?

The people managing this new concept are Argiro Barata and Niki Vouimta two very friendly and energetic girls I had the pleasure to meet to help them choose the appropriate natural tableware for the event.


If you are in town don’t miss your chance to mingle, network and have fun!

Our city needs events that support local creativity and since we are also well known for partying and having fun, I surely hope to see you all there !


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