Pizza Poselli

Pizza Poselli

Pizza Poselli

I had a surprise visit from a friend today at work, and I wanted to take her somewhere new for lunch.  She hadn’t been to Pizza Poselli yet, so I found the excuse I needed to go there one more time and take a photo for the blog !

This is the BEST PIZZA in town, if you like genuine Italian pizza. The place opened one year ago and became an instant hit. It is located in the Valaoritou nightlife area, surrounded by bars.  What do people need after a few drinks ? Something to eat. Spot on!

This pizza place selected the best spot in the area and together with excellent recipes, cheap prices, friendly atmosphere, and excellent service became a favourite in no time !

I still remember our faces a year ago, when me and 2 friends tasted the first slice !  We could not believe it tasted so good and I went inside to congratulate the chef !  From then on, I find it really difficult to pass and not eat a slice.

Some practical info : Pizzas are sold by slice at around 2,50.  There are many different types and you get what is available in the window in front of you. New pizzas come out all the time from the wood oven in front of your eyes ! There are few tables to sit, so we eat and go, to make room for the next !

Pizza Poselli is named after Poselli Vitaliano, the most famous italian architect who lived and worked in Thessaloniki in the last quarter of the 19th century.  He was the official architect of the Ottoman Administration of Thessaloniki for a period of almost thirty years (1880-1910) and built many of the city’s famous buildings.   The place itself has a unique style but I chose to give you a photo of the pizza !

I really enjoy going there on a lunch break and ordering a Tartuffo Pizza for 2 ! I also love taking new people and see their faces when they eat….

Pizza Poselli
Pizza Place
Vilara 2 & Sigrou

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LadadikaThis is an old style neighbourhood in the centre of Thessaloniki.  Located between the port and the Valaoritou nightlife area, this colourful place is filled with nice restaurants and bars.

The name Ladadika comes from the old market of trading oil that this place was originally known for.   As you walk through the narrow streets and alleys, you will feel like you take a walk in the past!

This is a neighbourhood which is alive 24 hours per day. In the morning you will see the business people walking around, as it is an area next to the port with many banks and business offices around.  My office is also located here so if you are in the neighbourhood send me a message to meet !

LadadikaFrom lunchtime onwards people start filling the places to eat, drink and dance till the next morning.  You will find many famous places to eat here like Zythos, Paparouna, Panelinion, Bakaliarakia tou Aristou, Full tou Meze, Tapas Bar and many more.  Detailed posts on these and more will follow in time…

Have in mind that after 14.00 the restaurants start getting busy, so if you are there on a weekend avoid going around 15.00 as it is the busiest time.  Local musicians appear out of nowhere – don’t be surprised when you see them next to you!

This area is an excellent choice for lunch, dinner, coffee or drink, and is one of the first places to go for a real taste of Thessaloniki.

White Tower

SONY DSCA visit to Thessaloniki is not complete without a visit to the White Tower, the landmark of the city, and a popular meeting point for locals and not.

The White Tower of Thessaloniki, in greek Lefkos Pyrgos, is a monument and museum on the waterfront of the city. The present tower replaced an old Byzantine fortification which was mentioned around the 12th century and reconstructed by the Ottomans to fortify the city’s harbour; it became a notorious prison and scene of mass executions during the period of Ottoman rule. It was substantially remodelled and its exterior was whitewashed after Greece gained control of the city in 1912. It has been adopted as the symbol of the city.

The Tower was for centuries part of the walls of the old city of Thessaloniki, and separated the Jewish quarter of the city from the cemeteries of the Muslims and Jews.  The city walls were demolished in 1866. When Thessaloniki was annexed from the Ottoman Empire to the Hellenic State in 1912 during the First Balkan War, the tower was whitewashed as a symbolic gesture of cleansing, and acquired its present name.

The Tower is now a buff colour but has retained the name White Tower. It now stands on Thessaloniki’s waterfront boulevard, Nikis (Victory) Street. It houses a museum dedicated to the history of Thessaloniki and is one of the city’s leading tourist attractions. The Tower is under the administration of the Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities of the Greek Ministry of Culture.

Check out museum opening times If you want to visit the tower inside and as a bonus you will get the chance to enjoy the wonderful 360 view of the city !