Excelsior Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch is a relatively new trend in our city. It started a couple of years ago and now slowly spreads around as we see more bar restaurants giving this option.

Tomorrow is a holiday as we have Clean Monday or better known to non greeks as Lent Monday.  Ideally we would spend the day with a day or hopefully three-day excursion in the countryside, but the weather had other plans. Heavy rain and winter weather forced us to stay in house, but not for long.

Some friends had the idea to celebrate the beginning of March in style so we decided to have a relaxing Sunday Brunch which proved to be an excellent idea.

excelsiorAs you can see in the photo the setting was very spring like, nothing like the weather outside. As we sat on the table and the water with fresh fruits fell into our glass we decided we had made the best choice.

The food was not the typical breakfast you find in hotels, but modern style with new tastes. There are 2 buffet areas, one with salty and one with sweet options, and if that is not enough for you there are some extra options a la carte. Fresh juice and coffee is included in the very tempting price of 9 euros.  I have to tell you that everything I tasted was really delicious and since we stayed there for a long time, I was not hungry again until late in the afternoon.

What really impressed me the most was the dj playing really fantastic music, the excellent service, and the inspired theme decor. Today we celebrated the beginning of march and the table decor was set accordingly.

I will definitely be back to check out more themed Sundays !

The Excelsior Bistro
Komninon 10 & Mitropoleos

4sq link


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