tomsYour probably already know Toms shoes, but maybe you do not know that Thessaloniki has one of the first Toms coffee spots that opened last April. The location is fantastic very central and yet a bit off the crowds and also close enough for me to enjoy a quick coffee break.

You can easily walk right in front of it and miss it as you need to walk through an old door in Tsimiski to get inside this cool indoor yard type of place. The style is urban Berlin style, very relaxed and offers great coffee. Shopping shoes and bags is optional !

Where : Tsimiski 22



ovOctober offers us the last days of summer living, sitting outside and enjoying sunshine. As you probably know if you have spent more than a week in Thessaloniki, the waterfront or Paralia offers a lot of options for coffee & drinks.

However what happens if you get there around noon or later on a weekend ? Or if you are a group of 4+ ? You will have a hard time to find a place to sit because everyone has the same idea as you. Coffee places in the waterfront are easier to enjoy on a weekday. But there is a nice alternative in front of the White Tower and it is called Oval.

It is not a place for the young and trendy, but it is a place where you can relax during all seasons and times. It offers great view of the White Tower and the little park just in front of you and has excellent quality drinks & food. It also holds great live music nights on the winer weekends so it is a great idea for winter also !

Where : Filikis Etaireias 1

Bord de l’eau

boI so love this place ! I was really amazed when I first came here. It is so smart and modern and urban and relaxed at the same time.

It is really a multi space, with a bar space + an artistic space for events and exhibitions. It holds guest dj events and is very popular for student crowds but also older urban people.

If somebody does not take you there, it will be very difficult to find. It is completely out of sight from the main street – Egnatia – hidden behind a curtain.

Where : Egnatia 45

Aigli Geni Hamam

aig.jpgThis is the #1 destination for anyone who is stuck in the city or just returned from vacations and want to feel like they did not. If you are in town for a few days only this is a must visit as it combines the historical visit with a relaxed drink or dinner.

This is a 16th century building that was originally build as a Hamam during the Otoman era. It later became an open air cinema, then a place for cultural events and after that remained closed for several years.

It is now more beautiful than ever, functioning as a relaxed coffee bar restaurant.  It is located just behind the church of Saint Demetrios so you can go for a coffee right after your visit to the church. As dusk falls, the place completely transforms to an exotic back yard with the big screen showing chill out videos transferring your mind to far away places !

Where :  Ag. Nikolaou & Kassandrou


exIt took me a while to visit this fantastic restaurant that the whole city is talking about and I have to say I am sorry. It is literally a hidden gem and well worth the effort you will make to find it.

The food is excellent, the atmosphere friendly and relaxed. Although we went on a day with a heat wave it was fully packed and had to wait a lot for our food to arrive. So if you want sth fast don’t go, but if you want to experience the famous chill out mindset of our city combined with excellent food and drinks you should not miss it !

Where : Amvrosiou str ( close to Antigonidon )

The Loco Bus

locoWhat a place ! This is a restaurant that was surely missing from our “loco” city ! It opened about 6 months ago and became an instant hit for young crowds mainly.

The look is 50’s American Diner but the surprise is that there is a whole vintage bus inside where you can sit and eat !! Super crazy and super fun !!

The food offers options like pizza, burgers and more. You can also go for a drink as the cocktails list is quite good !

Where : Komninon 3


παραδοThis is a place for great local street food and more, in various locations.  It started in the village of Panorama over 20 years ago as a relaxed coffee place. It quickly became a hit destination for all ages mainly because it offered the chance to have good quality coffee and eat something for breakfast or dessert. A few years later it opened a few more shops with the one in Aristotelous square being the most central and famous one.

If you need a nice breakfast to start the day or if you are wandering in the city and want to eat sth fast this is one of the best options. Everything is top quality and you can have big variety from super healthy salads to pizza made on the spot and delicious desserts.

There is minimal place to sit and mainly outside so this is suggested mainly as a to go option. There is another one in Kouskoura Street with a bigger sitting area if you prefer.

Where : Aristotelous & Tsimiski, + more



serSpring & sunny weekends are here, so it’s time for me to suggest my favourite tavern by the sea. The name is quite strange as the place itself. “The waitress vanishes behind the curtain” in short “Waitress” in greek “Servitora”. You got confused ? No need.  All you need to know is how to get there. You take the road to the airport and then continue to N.Epivates. Go right from the main road and when you get to the sea just walk a bit or ask around for the place. It is best to go by car, but a bus will also take you there eventually… Starting next month the boats from the Port to Peraia will probably also stop there so you can combine a swim with some great food & drink.

The food is really fresh and delicious, and the prices are very good. The earlier you get there the better chances for a nice table in front of the sea. Enjoy !

Where : Kountouriotou, N. Epivates

Brothers In Law

brothersAnother cool burger place in town ! Yummy !

It took me a while to discover this one, as it is a bit far from my lunch break area, but the visit was totally worth it.

My chicken burger was delicious, the fried potatoes are hand made, the service fast and friendly, what more do you need ?  A stylish atmosphere? You have that also ! I dream of going back there very soon !  Just a short walk from White Tower.

Where: Pavlou Mela 30,


φρειδερικοWhat can I say for this place… It is the ultimate urban retro mix coffee drinks place.  Although, in the city centre, this is a relatively quiet location with trees around setting up a beautiful atmosphere.

It is located just off the Ancient Roman Forum so it is a great stop for a coffee or drink. Pay attention to every detail inside and you will fall in love with this place.

Tip: It is named after the owners’ dog that you might spot there sitting next to you. Take a good look at the photo because the name in the sign is written in greek.

Where: Olympou 87